Big Sur Bound + The Year To Come


If you happened to catch this post, then you know that Big Sur has been on my list of dream destinations for some time now.  It’s just a five hour drive from us– practically in our own backyard– so it’s a wonder that we haven’t made it there yet!  With the clock ticking down to this baby girl’s due date, we thought we would squeeze in one last road trip, just the two of us this weekend.  I am really looking forward to relaxing in the woods, taking in the scenery and reflecting on this year to come…


I know that the idea of a resolution can seem trivial and unattainable, but I love the idea of setting an intention for the year and letting that be an overarching theme.  Last year, my intention was “create”.  I wanted to create more original content here on the blog, create more meaningful friendships and be more creative in my styling projects.  I also knew that I wanted to create a new little addition to our family this year which has been the biggest blessing and accomplishment of all.  This year’s word is…

Big Sur : The Effortless Chic

…grow.  Some growing will be inevitable as this baby bump continues to stretch further outward and as our family grows to one of three, instead of two in the spring.  Our blog team is growing this year beginning this month and as our community here at The Effortless Chic continues to grow (there are four times as many of you reading today as there were this time last year!), I want to grow what we are able to do and create here together.  With so many exciting changes and opportunities on the horizon “grow” seems to be the right word to guide these next 365 days.


Did you all make resolutions this year?  I would love to hear them.  Feel free to follow along on our road tripping adventure here and here!

Have a wonderful weekend, friends!

Photography by Kevin Russ

  1. this is exquisitely beautiful!
    ladies in navy

  2. rachel


    grow sounds good, last year my mantra was ‘be’, this year it’s ‘work’ !!!

  3. Molly {Dreams in HD}


    i absolutely love big sur.
    have a wonderful weekend!

    also, i think your take on the new years resolution is refreshing. creating a big list of resolutions can be daunting, so i think one overarching theme is a brilliant idea. mine would be simplify 🙂

    Molly {Dreams in HD}

  4. Gorgeous!

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