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Best of Beauty {Shampoo + Conditioner}

One day, awhile back, Aaron and I were lounging around on a Saturday when he remarked, “I hope our future children have the same hair color as you.”  Hmm… where to begin?  If our future children have my actual hair color it will be dirty blonde at best and not the bright blonde I like to keep it.  Recently, though, I had been noticing a brassy-ness to the color and decided to do a little research.   The cardinal rule of keeping hair color locked in, it turns out, is avoiding sulfates in your shampoos and conditioners.  However, there are a whole set of other theories about specific ingredients that will keep you lighter longer, so a couple of our contributors and I decided to set out on a little experiment to find the best color conserving shampoo and conditioner out there.  If we are going to spend all of that time in the stylist’s chair with foils wedged nicely in between our luscious locks, we might as well get the most out of our color right?!  Between three of us here at Team Effortless Chic we tried 14 different color-protecting shampoos and conditioners over the last month and narrowed our favorites down to these:

Best Color-Conserving Shampoos + ConditionersOne. Kevin Murphy Blonde Angel Wash + Treatment: This combination takes the cake for “best overall”.  We love love the packaging, the smell, and the way it left our hair feeling.  It also got “sudsier” than any other non-sulfate shampoo we tried. Price: Shampoo ($35 for 8.4 oz) Treatment ($35 for 8.4oz)

Two. Aveda Color Conserve Shampoo + Conditioner: We love the herbally spa smell that comes along with all Aveda products.  The price is really competitive, too, compared to some that we tested.  However, we noticed that it didn’t lather as well as some and ended up taking a lot more shampoo to get the job done.  Still, one of our top 5! Price: Shampoo ($18 for 8.5 oz) Conditioner ($18 for 6.7 oz)

Three. Kérastase Bain Chroma Captive + Fondant Chroma Captive: We give this one the award for “best for damaged hair”.   We noticed an immediate difference in the texture of our hair after just one use.  It made our hair instantly smoother and less brittle– a dream for someone prone to broken hairs and flyaways!  The downside?  It is definitely on the high end of the price spectrum.  Price: Shampoo ($39 for 8.4 oz) Conditioner ($41 for 6.7 oz)

Four. Aveda Blue Malva Shampoo +Conditioner:  Again, we are sucker for the Aveda scents and this one is no excpetion.  We loved the shampoo.  The conditioner is great for people with fine hair that is easily weighed down by product, but some might find it not conditioning enough. The price, however, is better than most. Price: Shampoo ($33 for 34oz) Conditioner ($18 for 8.5oz)

Five. L’Oreal Everpure Volumizing Shampoo + Conditioner: We were hard-pressed to find a color conserving shampoo and conditioner without sulfates that we could purchase at the grocery store. (Sometimes convenience is everything, right?)  We were really happy with the results from this little duo, though.  The conditioner really made our hair smooth and soft– especially for being such a bargain!  Price: Shampoo ($6.99 for 8.5oz) Conditioner ($6.99 for 8.5oz)

{Initial photo by Denise Crew for Camille Styles}

  1. rachel


    You have a man who sees you as the mother of his children, you are truly blessed (and you have lovely hair!)

  2. Love kerastase products , they are the best.

  3. This is the BEST info. I love the price options and super glad to know Aveda is on the list. I too, love the smell of their products. I’m in need of shampoo and will try something from your list this weekend. Again, thanks for the info!


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