The Best Coffee Shops in Austin By Neighborhood

Whether you call Austin home and are looking for a new spot to study or work, or are just visiting for the weekend, Austin has so many great coffee shops serving up a variety of roasts in a variety of settings all across town. Keep reading for the all of the best coffee shops in Austin by neighborhood…

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I will be the first to admit that I am a coffee snob. I’ve been known to book hotels on trips based on their proximity to good coffee and start every single day with an oat milk latte when at home. Whether I’m working, taking a meeting or just hanging with the kids, there’s a spot nearby that’s perfect for just that.

Keep reading for all of the best coffee shops in Austin broken down by neighborhood. Be sure to use this guide when you are visiting Austin to find the best coffee shop near you!

Have a personal favorite? Be sure to leave it in the comments!

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(photos via Katie Jameson for The Effortless Chic of Hot L Coffee at Carpenter Hotel)

The Best Coffee Shops in South Austin:

1. Hot L Coffee at Carpenter Hotel:

This is a great spot to grab a latte and settle into their lounge area or even to go for a walk if the weather is nice. It’s not a huge space, but rather feels quiet, cozy and intimate.

2. Seventh Flag:

Located in a quaint home just off of South 1st street, plenty of outdoor space abounds making it ideal for spring and fall in Central Texas.

3. Jo’s: 

The South Congress location will always hold a special place in my heart. I lived just up the street from it in college. The coffee is great. The people watching is even better. (Note: This location is outdoor only.)

4. Mañana:

Arguably the most Instagrammable coffee shop south of the river, Mañana offers not just delicious caffeinated beverages, but lush plants and vibrant tile work. There’s outdoor and indoor seating as well as the option to take your beverage of choice next door to the South Congress Hotel Lobby.

5. Patika:

Speaking of places I have lived, we came so close to buying a house just on the other side of Lamar from Patika and this coffee shop was a huge draw! Come on the weekends for the delicious breakfast like the chilaquiles or biscuits and gravy.

6. Radio Coffee & Beer:

The biggest perk to this coffee shop is its proximity to the best breakfast tacos in Austin, Veracruz. But the coffee is also great and there’s tons of outdoor and indoor seating.

7. Cosmic Coffee:

I love coming here with the kids on the weekends. There’s both indoor and outdoor seating, but the outdoor area is particularly magical with plants, rocks, and a chicken coop that serve as endless entertainment. There’s also food trucks parked on the property so you can make a meal of it.

Exterior shot of Greater Goods Coffee shop in Austin The interior of an Austin coffee shop A coffee shop bar in Austin Seating area in a coffee shop

(photos by Chase Daniel of Greater Goods Coffee for Arch Daily)

The Best Coffee Shops in East Austin:

1. Cherrywood Coffeehouse:

Part-time yoga house, part-time kids theatre, full-time coffee house and eatery. I used to consult for a brand nearby and loved the excuse to drop in for lunch!

2. Cartel Coffee Lab:

Cartel Coffee is the best part of having to connect through the Phoenix airport and now that it has landed in Austin, I couldn’t be happier!

3. Wright Bros. Brew & Brew:

Coffee and beer in one spot, located in a spot on the east side with plenty of seating and an overflow space next door.

4. Fleet Coffee:

I love the coffee here! It’s definitely a small space with limited tables, but worth the visit if you’re in the area!

5. Flat Track Coffee Roasters:

This is Aaron’s favorite coffee shop in Austin. It’s part bike shop has a  more rugged, masculine vibe than your average coffee shop. There mini vegan chocolate donuts are where it’s at!

6. Greater Goods:

The flagship location on the east side is beautiful and spacious with ample parking making it an ideal space for working.

Interior of one of the best coffee shops in austin, Better Half

People at a coffee shop bar

The counter at an Austin coffee shop

Two plates of food on a wooden table

(Photos of Better Half via Mutina)

The Best Coffee Shops in Downtown Austin:

1. Lucky Lab Coffee Co:

Not only is the coffee great here, but the pastries are some of the best I have ever had!

2. Better Half Coffee and Cocktails:

I love this spot! Its diner vibes combined with it’s menu offerings give it a leg up on your average coffee shop. I love this location for a meeting!

3. Intelligentsia:

I feel like Intelligentisa is one of the original small craft coffee shops– it dates back to 1995! We loved their downtown LA location when we lived there. Lucky for us, the Chicago based company just opened their first location in the heart of downtown Austin.

4. Merit Coffee:

The downtown location of Merit is located conveniently by a Trader Joe’s, True Food Kitchen and the Austin Central Public Library making it such a fun spot to tack onto our weekend outings. Indoor and outdoor seating are available, but both are limited.

5. Alfred Coffee:

This is another one of our LA favorites that has come to join us in Austin and we couldn’t be happier! Located inside The Line Hotel, there’s ample work space and ample delicious beverages and treats to keep you going!

People working in the Thunderbird coffee shop in Austin Top down shot of a cup of coffee

(images of Thunderbird Coffee via Fitt)

The Best Coffee Shops in North and Central Austin:

1. Machine Head Coffee:

This coffee shop / Veracruz combo is the north side’s answer to the Radio Coffee / Veracruz combo down south. Tables are super limited so this is more of a grab and go option than a place to settle in and work. (Don’t forget to grab a migas breakfast taco on your way out!)

2. Epoch Coffee:

This spot feels like a campus coffee shop– no frills and not at all interested in what Instagram thinks. The coffee is great and the people are friendly. Best of all it’s located in such a fun corridor of North Loop next to some of my favorite stores– Flourish and Room Service Vintage.

3. Houndstooth Coffee:

This place can be hit or miss for working. The wifi and location are both great, but the coffee is so good that it attracts a crowd making it hard to grab a seat during busy hours. If you’re flexible, though, you don’t want to miss this spot. Parker loves their m&m cookie!

4. Thunderbird Coffee:

This was my spot when Ever was still at home during the day and I needed to sneak out while our nanny was here to get work done. It’s really close to our house and has great dependable wifi and lots of seating. There’s an outdoor area for chatting, dogs, and kids who want to run around.

5. La Patisserie:

This one is another neighborhood spot for us. It’s super small and the seating is limited so I wouldn’t recommend it for working, but they serve Stumptown coffee and their pastries are the best in the city!

A coffee shop for every occasion!

It’s so hard to pick a favorite coffee shop out of this list. They all serve great coffee and they are great places to sit, unwind and take 10 minutes for yourself. Or maybe, you are quickly moving through the area and need that caffine fix!

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I love hearing from you, do you have a favorite coffee shop you’ve visited in Austin? Be sure to let me know in the comments below!

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  1. This is great! I’m going to Austin in a few months and I always do my research on best coffee shops. This saves me time.


  2. candice


    houndstooth is so.consistently.good & fleet is another favorite on this list. On the east side, figure 8 is fabulous, too!

    • Jen Pinkston


      Agreed! I need to try Figure 8! Writing this list made me apparent of just how many great coffee shops there are here!


  3. I’m hoping to visit Austin next year and I want to go to some of these places! Hopefully most have unsweetened almond/coconut milk since I’ve recently found out most places carry sweetened!

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