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Hi Effortless Chic chicks…

While I (Blair) am going to be spending most of my days living vicariously through Jen’s China adventures, I am also going to try to soak up all of these California rays as much as I can. Jen & Aaron are going to come home in two weeks beautifully bronzed, so I am thinking of some tricks I can pull off in the meantime so I don’t pale in comparison to their glow!


1. Tinted Blush

We have all seen that interesting little bottle of Benetint that looks so beautiful when done correctly, but it’s nail-polish-esque bottle leaves a lot to the imagination when it comes to application.  Here is how to get that perfectly tinted glow:  Sweep benetint onto the cheeks, starting from the apple upwards. Start with less and build the color, you can always add but subtracting can be difficult. Using your pointer and middle finger, blend in an upward circular motion. Always use your pointer and middle finger with applying makeup, they are the most delicate fingers and will ensure you have a gentle touch when you apply to skin. – Layer until you have your desired shade.

2. The Blush / Bronzer Duo

Using a bronzer or blush brush (either will do!), create the number “3” on both sides of your face with the bronzing side of the duo.   Start at the top of your forehead, dust it along your cheeks and sweep it across your jawline all the way to your chin. Remember to blend it into your neck.  Switching over to blush, start by swirling it on the apples of your cheeks (those spheres that pop out when you smile).  Then, for a bonus youth-ifying effect, blend it back along your cheeks toward your temples, fading it into your skin about an inch from your hairline.

3. Cream Blush

Using your pointer and middle finger, pat your fingers into the blush picking up some of the product. Smile and apply the blush to the apples of the cheeks and blend the color backward, using a soft circular motion. If you feel you have applied too much color, use a sponge and pat over the top to pick up some of the color until you get your desired color.


Initial Image via Refinery 29

  1. That Josie Maran cheek gel is incredible. I’m obsessed with it!

  2. I’d add the tip that moving QUICK when you’re applying Benetint is half the battle. I just shared my tips for applying cheek stains recently on my blog actually so it’s fresh on my mind. I love Josie Maran everything too, but in the heat of summer, there is no way cream blush lasts on my skin. Great product recs though — all favorites at different times of the year!

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