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With so many other things going on this summer, getting a haircut accidentally fell to the wayside.  I didn’t think much about it until people started commenting on how I was “growing my hair out”.  After a few weeks of contemplating going back to my usual bob, I decided to embrace this summer grow out.  Ponytails, low knots, and a messy braid are in fact, not overrated, especially when it’s 100 degrees outside!  My favorite trends have always been the ones that meet at the intersection of effortless and stylish, so this perfectly imperfect braid trend had me from the start.  It works better with messy hair, a little dry shampoo and a good tease to get lots of texture before you start wrapping those pieces under and over.  See below for more imperfect braid ideas that just might having me growing my hair out through the fall!

the-perfectly-imperfect-hair-braid-trend-2 the-perfectly-imperfect-hair-braid-trend-3 the-perfectly-imperfect-hair-braid-trend-4 the-perfectly-imperfect-hair-braid-trend-5 the-perfectly-imperfect-hair-braid-trend-6 the-perfectly-imperfect-hair-braid-trend-7 the-perfectly-imperfect-hair-braid-trend-8 the-perfectly-imperfect-hair-braid-trend-9 the-perfectly-imperfect-hair-braid-trend-10

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