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We are big fans of having a “fall look” over here, so we’ve been sifting through some of our favorite beauty images to narrow down what kind of changes we will be making going into the new season.  One thing is for sure, a new fall look doesn’t have to be drastic.  It can be as simple as a new lip color, a fresh set of bangs, or even a new way to style your existing cut.  We found five hair looks that scream “fall beauty goals” and asked our favorite celebrity hairstylist, Addie Markowitz, to break them down for us!

1. Loose waves ala GP herself.  (Harpers Bazaar)

Addie says: “Blow dry hair first with R&Co’s Dallas thickening spray for extra volume with a big round brush.  Then, using a 1 1/4″ curling iron, curl the hair in big sections away from the face.  Next, add some dry shampoo– my fave is Klorane!  Finally, run your hands throigh your hair and shake it out giving you GP’s loose tousled waves!”


2. Go for the half-up top knot. (Refinery 29)

Addie says: “This is perfect for second or even third day hair.  Begin by misting hair with water.  Next, flip your head down and add Bumble and Bumble Sea Salt Spray to hair and scrunch with your hands as you spray.  Let hair dry naturally or dry with a diffuser.  Once dry, section off the top portion and twist into a bun.  Secure with a few bobby pinks then pull at the bun to loosen it.  The messier the better!”


3. The perfect bob via Carmen Hamilton (The Coveteur)

Addie Says, “If you’re thinking about cutting a bob, just do it!  You’re never going to know if you like it unless you try!  You have options, too.  You can go blunt, a-line, choppy and textured and more.  Change it up and see what works best for you.  Get ready to spend less time blow-drying and more time enjoying your new ‘do!”


4. Go dark via The Sartorialist.

Addie says, “Change is good and fall is a nice time to go darker or even to richen up the hues in your hair.  I know everyone wants immediate results, but I think it’s best to take it in steps.  First you can tone your highlights with a warmer shade of blonde, next do a semi-permanent color with a medium golden brown and then save that deep brown for last!  That way you don’t get a muddy result in the middle.  Going darker can inspire a whole new beauty routine, wardrobe look, and maybe even a new attitude to go along with it as well!”


5. Consider a heavy bang like Alexa Chung (Total Beauty)

Addie says: “If you’re bored with your hair and feel like changing things up, a great way to do that is with bangs!  It’s youthful and frames your face which brings attention to your eyes.  The best part?  When you’re over them just sweep them to the side, blow them dry and voilá!  Side bangs!”

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