Baby Talk // The First 6 Weeks


I sort of can’t believe I’m writing this post.  It feels like just yesterday that I was 39 weeks pregnant and eating lobster rolls on Santa Monica pier with Aaron during his week of spring hiatus.  It’s true, though.  Miss Parker is seven weeks old today.  She smiles, she babbles, and my mom has already started planning her first birthday party!  I know a lot of people commented on past posts that they, too, were expecting, so I though I would share a few of the things that got me through the first six weeks. (Also, if you know someone having a baby, you will definitely want to check out this list!  So sweet and so true!) First of all, it is all such a learning experience, but here are some of the things I have loved so far…

1. Pajamas with zippers– the shorter amount of time that Parker is awake during her night feedings, the easier she goes back down.  That’s why I am obsessed with jammies with zippers and especially obsessed with these cute sleepers from Hanna Andersson for Serena and Lily.

2. Multiples– crib sheets, changing table covers, lovies.  It’s good to have multiples in all of the above so that when one is dirty you don’t have to rush it to the laundry.  We have these two patterns from Serena and Lily.  I love the feel of their sheets!

3. Stokke Bath Tub: At first the idea of taking home this tiny babe and having to bathe her was daunting.  Now, giving her a bath is one of my favorite things!  We started off with the Puj tub but quickly upgraded to the Stokke bath.  It’s much easier to use and we can use it in our bath tub, not in a sink.  As soon as she is old enough we will take out the infant insert and it’s ready for big baby bath time!

4. Honest Laundry Detergent and Oxy Boost Pods: I seriously never believed people when they would talk about the amount of laundry you do with a newborn.  They’re so tiny right? It really is crazy, though, how it all adds up.  The Honest laundry detergent doesn’t irritate Parker’s super sensitive skin and their oxy boost tablets are perfect for those inevitable little baby stains.

5. A Glider– My good little sleeper has had some major regression days.  Sometimes when she is desperate for sleep we sit in this glider for hours sleeping and feeding and repeating.  Our glider from Gus Modern was worth the investment!  We also considered this one from The Land of Nod.  I love the sleek design!

6. Bravado Nursing Bras– The first nursing bra I purchased was this really pretty, dainty that was super cute.  One of my nurses commented on it in the hospital letting me know that I wouldn’t be wearing that for long and she was right.  When my milk came in, I wanted something sturdy and substantial, but comfortable.  I swear by these Bravado nursing bras now.  I have 2 nudes and a black and keep them constantly rotating through the wash.

7. The Breast Friend— This novel invention accompanies me during all of those hours spent in the glider with Parker.  I load up the pocket with a KIND bar, bottle of water, and my cell phone and I could be set for days– well, at least hours.

8. Target Nursing Tanks— Buy them in white, gray, and black.  Just trust me on this one.

9. Infant Leggings–  There is nothing cuter than a plain white onesie on a babe with some little leggings on their chubby legs.  These are $5 at Target.  Stock up on the newborn size.  Even though she was born at 9 pounds, she wore newborn for a month!

10. Ask The Mamas—  The most genius Instagram account, in my humble opinion.  Moms can send their question via email to the account manager and she posts a few questions a day so that all of the readers can weigh in.  The questions cover everything from breastfeeding issues and transitioning your baby out of a swing to what sunscreen is best for babies and diet issues.  The best part is that you get a really wide variety of answers from all of the different moms.

11. A Place to Set Them Down– It is so easy to be tied to them at the hip when they’re so young, but I personally need ten minutes to start a load of laundry, make a cup of coffee or eat something.  Look into the Mamaroo, Rockaroo, or Rock and Play.  I try not to let her sleep in a swing, but when she’s desperate for sleep, she will totally nap in the Rockaroo and I love the design of it.  However, I just bought this little seat from Babys R Us and it’s perfect for her awake time and so cheap compared to the 4Moms options.  She stares so intently at that little frog and loves to bat the monkey with her hand!

12.  For easing the pain of breastfeeding, lanolin was the best at healing and I loved the Earth Mama Angel Baby Nipple Cream for soothing.

13. Dr. Brown’s Natural Flow Bottles and Premie Nipples— It’s important to me that Parker be able to go back and forth between breast feeding and bottle.  My lactation consultant at The Pump Station (A God send of a place!) recommended these bottles.  The flow is really slow to emulate that of breastfeeding, so that the baby doesn’t get used to getting the goods so much quicker and prefer the bottle to the breast.  We also haven’t had any real gas issues, so the whole air-flow system seems to work.  I love the design of these Difrax bottles, but we never got the chance to try them.

14. Loungewear– I lived in lounge clothes for 90% of the first two weeks.  I still wanted to feel cute and put-together, though, so I invested in a few pieces that I am still getting use out of now.  This tank and tee are total staples and these pants from Athleta are my new fave!

15. Wine– Trust me, there are nights when you just need it.  You can have a glass right after feeding and it will be metabolized out of your system by the next feeding.

** Other essentials include delivery menus for nearby restaurants and the number for a good lactation consultant.  Oh, and an awesome husband is worth more than all of the above.  Choose them wisely!  If you’re in LA, you should really check out The Pump Station.  They’re an awesome resource for lactation consultants and they also offer tons of classes, some of them free.

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  1. great post Jen and awwww 7weeks so sweet!

  2. Love your list! Spot on! I never got my babe to take a bottle, until 11 months! She took the Como Tomo which is soft like a breast. I agree on the Target nursing tanks completely, and a good glider or rocker. I never did use a nursing pillow, they seemed too bulky and cumbersome to me, but glad to hear they do work for some! Enjoy your peanut!!!

  3. rachelle bell


    Sitting here in my target nursing tank while my 2 week old is in the Rockaroo behind me. Couldn’t agree more with this list!

  4. I found breastmilk to work better than lanolin!