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Is anything allowed to do just one thing anymore?  You have your job and your side hustle. Washing machines now steam clothes.  Your bb cream moisturizes, protects from aging, and provides sheer coverage.  Multi-task or adios!  In our new place, the dining room will also be half studio as all of the natural light should make for a prime shooting space for content.  The office will also serve as a guest room.  The playroom part toy storage and play pandemonium while also maintaining a sense of a cozy sitting area.    Even now in the third bedroom of our rental, I’m plotting ways that we can make it a space ideal for both housing baby girl who will make her debut at summer’s end and a functional office.  (We haven’t shared much about our new place– although there’s a sneak peek here!— but will be doing so soon as we continue to furnish it!)  Here’s the layout of the third bedroom which will be a shared office and nursery space:

And how I imagine furniture going into it:

Things I’m keeping in mind this time around:

  1. They grow so fast!  Don’t use things that are too baby-ish in the nursery because you’ll want to replace after the first year
  2. I need a decent size work table that will fit two chairs for Aaron and I to use. Something that won’t block the door of the Jack and Jill bathroom to much, but also keeping in mind that we will only be in this space until September / October and wanting to choose pieces that will also work in the next space.
  3. A rug that is cozy, won’t shed, and will grow with her or work in other spaces.  Good rugs are big investments!  I want to make sure it’s something she can use for years to come or something we would be happy putting in another space.  (Pretty obsessed with this Anthropologie rug!)
  4. The glider / rocker / chair debate: Last time with Parker I went for something sleek and modern. This time I’m almost debating doing the opposite and getting the most plush, oversized, cozy chair that will fit in that corner nook.


I love the way Taylor chose pieces that weren’t quintessentially nursery furniture when doing her office / nursery design for Elodie. (You can see the full before and after here!)

I love the way this small stack of shelves separates the single work table into two desk spaces.  Ideal for a shared workspace!

The color story of this workspace and nursery make it totally flow.

I love how the window, plants, and books in this space create a cozy, separate nook as opposed to it looking like a desk was just plopped down in the middle of a nursery.

These aren’t the final choices.  I don’t think the chair is right (I like this rocker a lot, but probably not right, either, if I’m going for a super cozy vibe) and I might go with something more console-ish than a true dresser, but I like the color story a lot.

Quilt, mobile, dresser, rocker, soft rug and crib via Giggle.  White pouf, Land of Nod || Rug, Anthropologie || Lamp, Land of Nod ||

More to come soon!  This room has a seriously deadline, so it’s time to get serious about pulling it together!  Thoughts? Glider vs. Cozy Chair?

Initial image via Erika Berchtel

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  1. Caleigj


    Love it! I’m all for cozy chair. We bought a glider for our first baby’s nursery, and as much as I love it (and it’s used quite a bit!) I would opt for a cozy chair next time we do the nursery, just for somethings different to style.

    • Jen Pinkston


      Agreed! We have definitely gotten great use out of the glider, so I’m interested to try something new!

  2. These ideas are all so cute!!

    xx Jennifer
    Effortlessly Sophisticated

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