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Remember the nursery that I put off for what seemed like forever and then decided to put together (with the help of Britt) on a Friday when Aaron and Parker were in Chicago and nearly sent myself into labor?  Yes, that nursery! Well, it’s done and I couldn’t be more excited about how it turned out.  It’s truly the peaceful, cozy little retreat of a room that I imagined it to be.  It went through a lot of iterations beginning with, do we even create a nursery in this rental?  When we first found out we were pregnant, it was looking like we would be moving into our new casa  around September so we would potentially just have a baby in our rental for 3-5 weeks.  At that point it seemed like we could just get a bassinet and call it a day.  By the spring, though, the date had been pushed to October and sadly now it’s looking like November is probably more realistic, so we decided to go ahead with a full blown nursery for two reasons.  First, it will make me less impatient (if even only slightly) to get into our new home if our current situation doesn’t feel so temporary.  Secondly, there are a lot of rooms that will need to be totally furnished once we get in so to have a room that is done and just has to be moved from one house to the next with minor changes / updates will be so nice.  At one point (which you can read about here), we planned to keep it as an office / nursery space and design it to do double duty.  The problem with that plan meant that once we got into our new place the furniture wouldn’t be ideal for either space since we will have an office separate from her bedroom there.  It was settled then that the third bedroom would be just a nursery at that point. Here is the layout of the room to jog your memory of what we had to work with:

We partnered with Hayneedle on all of the major furniture pieces for the nursery.  (We also worked with them last year on our studio.)  I love that they’re a one-stop-shop for so many different pieces and so many different styles.  The Babyletto crib I had been ogling? check! Organic crib mattress? check, check!  They even carry a lot of my favorite gliders and rocking chairs.  I imagined light wood tones, muted colors, and simple bohemian details.  Here is the final design that we went with:

I love that the rug infuses color into the room but in a really natural and muted way.  I also love that it’s a flat weave and won’t shed on the babe as she is rolling around on it.  Speaking of a muted palette, I love the way that the gold lamp is a bold metallic pop amongst all of the earthy and wood tones.  The stool is specifically for Parker. We pushed it up near the crib so that she can come and peek in on her little sis! Plus, we made sure there is ample seating up there in the form of floor cushions, a kid chair, and the pouf.  Nursing mamas like company, ya know?

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Stay tuned for the final reveal in just a couple of weeks! (You can see the sneak peek, here.)

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