Our Austin Casa || An Update!

There’s progress, guys! All kinds of things have been going on and I’m mostly just happy that our future home is no longer green as it has been for months and months and months.  The biggest thing to happen is that all of our windows began installation in late June (which ended up being the biggest disaster ever.)  Additionally, the wood soffit under the overhangs was installed and looks sooooo good!  I wrote about how hard it was to choose a stain– there were multiple trips to the hardware store to by samples and mix samples and try one coat of one with one coat of another, but at long last we landed on Behr Chestnut and it are beyond happy with it!  Lastly the stucco has begun and is about 50% done as is the roof, although I’m not sure I have any pictures of that yet.  Sadly all of the window madness pushed our move in date from October to December, so we’ve got exactly 70 days until move in now! (Seriously, if you’re ordering windows let’s chat first!)  Okay, here goes!  (Here’s our most recent update prior to this one if you want to compare the two!)

This is obviously the entry.  Where the plastic is hanging down will be the door and then that is just one big beautiful sheet of glass behind Aaron.  The color of the stucco that we went with is the piece directly to the right of Aaron. It’s essentially a very dark gray.

Here’s another shot sans Aaron…

You can see the soffit detail really well in the photo above thanks to the wacko way I took this photo.  Also where our outdoor sconces will go on the garage!

The nearest piece of wood is the kitchen island, followed by the three panel sliding glass door and our future fireplace!

I don’t think I’ve shown this angle of the kitchen before.  That’s the island again on the bottom right and the dining room table will more or less go in the same position as that work table, just nearer the kitchen a bit.  Question for you: Would you image in the table oriented the same as the work table or perpendicular so that the ends of the table were facing towards the kitchen and the window there?

The staircase is directly behind the fireplace and will have a railing (so many of you have asked! I promise we will have a railing and even a matching baby safety gate!) and also white oak treads. The room to the right is the play room, which I can’t wait to start designing!

Lastly, this little nook behind our bedroom makes me so happy!  We are meeting with a landscape architect this weekend to start talking plans and will definitely share those with you when we have them.  Until then, happy weekend friends!

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    We are remodeling a house built in the early 70s with a midcentury modern vibe. we need to update and replace all the windows in the house. Who did you end up going with for window install? I love the look of the black interior/exterior.

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