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A lot of people have asked how we decided to build the house that we are building. Like if you could build anything you want, where do you even start? If you read this post from beginning to end (it’s a long one, not going to lie!), then you know that as far as the floor plan requirements were concerned Aaron and I each got to have three things that were priorities to us and then we agreed to be flexible on everything else. One of my three priorities, and perhaps the one that was most important to me, was having a playroom downstairs. Parker’s bedroom will be upstairs and I just had visions of myself traipsing up and down the stairs a million times a day to put toys away or nagging her to do it. I also love the idea that when we have friends over, the kids have their own little space to play that feels a little more secluded, but is still super close to the living room where we can keep an eye on what’s going. The floor plan is below, and as you can see the play room is super open to the rest of the house which means the design is going to have be super functional for kids and toys and storage, but also flow really well with the rest of the house because of it’s visibility.  I have spent more hours than I care to admit thinking about this conundrum while sitting in traffic, laying in bed or surfing Pinterest. Below is what I have come up with so far, but you guys have given such great feedback on this post and this post that I would love to hear from you on this space!

(This floor plan isn’t the most update. Some small changes have been made to dimensions and closets, but it was the one with the least about of numbers and measurements that you didn’t really need to know making it the simplest to read and understand the flow.)

For seating: sette, love seat or small sofa layered with throws vs. hanging swings vs. low floor cushions and chairs

left to right, top to bottom: 01. || 02. || 03. || 04. || 05. || 06. || 07. || 08.

Modern play table vs. built in work bench: (I actually think a table in the center of the room is our only option unless we did the work bench up against the floor to ceiling glass windows in there which doesn’t seem ideal.)

left to right, top to bottom: 01. || 02. || 03. || 04. || 05. || 06. || 07.

Storage: I’m thinking that a large sideboard / buffet is our best bet for most of the storage in the space with a couple of chic clustered baskets for good measure. Anything open or open shelving feels like a bad idea since the room is so visible to the rest of the house.

left to right, top to bottom: 01. || 02. || 03. || 04. || 05. || 06. || 07.

And here’s what I’m thinking for the furniture layout… (Bear with my simple rendering…it’s not fancy, but really helps me to envision how things might work!)


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  1. Caleigh


    Very nice! A playroom is a great addition to a house as it can be transformed into something different when the kiddos get older. While growing up my sister and I had free roam of the basement. When there were lots of kids over at our house my mom would yell ‘Hey, get going!’ And we’d all scramble downstairs and she’d shut the door LOL.

  2. Looks like it will be a fun, functional project! I don’t have kids, so I can’t input much on the layout, but I do have a really distinct memory from being a kid: I was at a friend’s play room (my family didn’t have one), and they had a bunch of big, thick cushions on the floor instead of chairs…and I thought it was the best! I guess in the 80’s/90’s it was beanbag chairs, but now the equivalent would be low floor cushions.

    My fiance and I are about to be starting a little home project of our own, and it’s so fun to see your space and read about your ideas!!

    • Jen Pinkston


      Okay, I love hearing that! I do think that low cushions or poufs are probably way more fun for kids. They wouldn’t be as comfortable for adults if we ended up in there, but I honestly don’t know how often we would be in there. I’ve been day dreaming about what this space would be 15 years from now– a wine room? a bar? a more moody, intimate seating area? It will be an interesting space to watch evolve as the kids grow!

  3. I have a similar floor plan. The open playroom is so great when the kids are little. You can entertain adults in one space, but keep an eye on what the young ones are up to. However, now that my kids are teenagers, we really wish there was a door that could close that space off when needed. Teenagers are so LOUD! Whether they are playing xbox, watching a movie, or playing games, it is crazy how loud a group of teenagers can be! When we entertain, the volume of the teens can over take the open space. We wish we would have designed a way that the space could be closed off occasionally when needed. Generally it works fine, but there are definitely times when we regret not putting in a door.

    • Jen Pinkston


      Oh I bet!! That’s a really good note. I’ve been thinking of endless options for it when the kids are done with it as a playroom. Until then, I guess we’ll enjoy and then invest in ear plugs in the high school years 😉

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