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To design a house from scratch, it sometimes feels, is to be a fortune teller.  It’s to look into the distant and not-so-distant future and see what you will need from this space. In short, to ask not what you can do for this space, but what this space can do for you.  It’s to imagine the pitter patter of an exact amount of child-sized feet. To visualize how you will do your best work, host your best dinner parties, and entertain your favorite weekend guests. To envision where your kids will sleep, play, and do their homework.  It’s this last bit that I marinated on for weeks as I began to plan the furniture plan for Parker’s bedroom.  Here’s what the space needed to be able to do:

  • to accommodate both Parker and Ever when Ever is old enough for the girls to share a room.
  • to find clever storage solutions since the room is small. (The closet on the other hand is enormous!)
  • to be bright and feature Parker’s favorite colors in a way that I still love, too.
  • to be able to last us at least 8 years before needing to be re-thought— aka Parker decides she wants her own room.

Here’s the mood board:

I had a vision of matching upholstered twin beds in a bright, punchy color.  (I also had a vision of wallpaper which Aaron quickly vetoed… wah, wah.)  When I came across these Wyatt Storage beds (available in just about every hue you could ever imagine) I immediately emailed our friends at Room & Board.  We partnered with them on our dining room and have just been so happy with the space– with the design of the pieces, the quality, even the in-home delivery is seriously top notch.  We shook digital hands and went to work!  It was super easy to fill in the rest of the room around these dream beds.  The only thing I love more than green right now is green paired with pink.  That’s the primary palette for the room with pops of yellow and lots of different textures– boucle, mohair, sheepskin, silk.  It’s installed now and we are just finishing up the window treatments for the room before shooting the big reveal, but, spoiler– it’s everything that I dreamed it would be and more!

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  1. Brett Freelen


    Hi, i DIdn’t see a source for the wallpaper. Would you mind sharing? Thank you!!

  2. Love your moodboard for her room!! It’s going to be super cute!

    Effortlessly Sophisticated

    • Jen Pinkston


      Thank you! We’ve actually installed most of it and I’m obsessed!

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