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It was never our intention when building this house to end up needing all new furniture, but that’s kind of where we are at now.  (Actually where we are at right now is in a rental that has no sofa, nightstands, or dresser because we’ve been selling all of our existing furniture.  I’ve got like 10 people wanting to buy our tv but I just can’t part with it yet!) Anyways, I’ve digressed.  Little nuances in the floor plan have made some of our existing pieces not so practical for the new space.  For example the chaise of our sectional would totally block the great big three piece sliding door so we said a tearful goodbye to the most comfortable of sofas this past weekend and have been getting cozy on the floor since.  In our master bedroom those two cute little windows flanking either side of our bed are the reason for re-thinking our furniture plan there.  They start just 25″ off the ground and our current nightstands were 31″ tall so it was going to be awkward.  Not as awkward, though, as having nightstands that you couldn’t reach from your bed, though, so we added that to the list, too.  If I’m being honest, though, our style has just changed a lot in the last 6-7 years since a lot of our furniture was purchased.  We lived in a 70+ year old ranch style home in Southern California and have built something here in Austin that’s much more mid-century modern, so the furniture from the last place just doesn’t complement the style of this house.  I scoured for beds and nightstands that I loved and ended up finding a lot over at Wayfair, so we partnered with them on our master bedroom design.  I’m in love with the way it has all come together!  But first, here are the windows I was talking about that started us down this path:

This is the view from the bathroom (when it was just framed):  The bed goes on the left wall and a little reading nook will be just to the right of that picture window.

I wanted something calm and cozy, peaceful and retreat feeling.  Like after preschool pick up and play dates and answering work emails and making copy adjustments on posts and re-shooting something that didn’t turn out quite right and picking spaghetti noodles up off of the kitchen floor and bathing two kids and getting them tucked in their beds after requests for more water and more stories and then more water, I want this to be the room that washes all of my cares away, ya know? Is that asking too much of a room? Only time will tell, but I don’t think so.  Here is where we landed:

Eek!  Okay that dreamy, yummy walnut wood is everything to me about this space.  From a practical standpoint, though, the bed and nightstands are much lower and smaller in scale which is better for the room.  Ugh, that chunky wool rug makes me want to take a nap just looking at it.  Heaven.  Plus, it’s a pretty nice color and texture juxtaposition with our grey concrete floors.  Speaking of heaven, I’ve heard really good things about the Nora mattress from Wayfair so we are upgrading our current situation to this bed-in-a-box version.  Excited to check it out!  Then there’s the reading nook.  My vision is coffee mug in hand, curled up in that womb-like chair gazing out the back window thinking about how well my children behaved that day.  Do you love that brass swing arm sconce as much as I do?  It’s from Schoolhouse and actually the very first thing we picked out in this entire room so you could say the entire design was built around that one light.  We will finish out the space with some books, plants, bedside lamps, and lots of layered linens on that bed.  I can hardly wait!

Rug || Bed || Nightstands || Mattress || Chair || Swing Arm Sconce || Side Table ||

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    Can’t wait to see the whole house!

  2. That rug looks so nice! I actually cannot wait to see the final room!

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