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How’s this for a progress shot?  All of that tile makes me so happy!  We are less than six weeks away from our move-in date and things are moving along frantically!  Every day there is something new and exciting over at the house which is so much fun after so many months of things looking relatively the same.  It’s an interesting process to pick out so many fixtures and finishes while staring at a blank space, not really sure how it’s all going to come together, but so far I’m super happy with everything we chose. (Except that Aaron told me last night he would be okay with brass fixtures in our bathroom after he gave those a hard veto almost a year ago… cue eyeroll. Haha, just kidding. I’m actually really happy with the way the fixtures are going to look in that space.)  Sometime earlier this year  I realized I still had no inspiration for this guest bathroom except that I was really interested in doing terrazzo on the floors in there.  I was all decision-ed out when I was out one night and ran into my friend Claire Zinnecker who happens to be an incredibly talented interior designer.  We agreed on our mutual love for terrazzo and she so kindly agreed to help us with this design. She created a Pinterest board that was full of gorgeous ideas and we went from there to land on the below:

01. These pendants from Cedar & Moss were the second choice we made for the bathroom.  I love how the unglazed clay finish really warms up this modern space.  Since this bathroom is all about layered neutrals (unlike Parker and Ever’s bathroom!),  the sand color is a nice contrast to all of the white, but still in that neutral palette.

02.  Question: Have I ever used a bathroom mirror that wasn’t from Rejuvenation? Answer: No.  They’re just the best.  Beautiful finish selections, great quality, and pieces to complement just about any decor style.  I’m super exited about this round metal version in the oil-rubbed bronze finish.

03.  We went with the Trinsic line in matte black from Delta Faucets for this bathroom and are super happy with our choice!  When we first started looking for modern black sink faucets, I found some others from other brands that were really inexpensive and loved the style of them.  Then I read the reviews and everyone complained about how long they took to install and how they were made of plastic parts that eventually leak.  I love that with Delta you get really high quality ceramic and metal parts at a good, moderate price point.  From the reviews I’ve read we’ll be using these for a long time.

04. {SAVE!} There’s over 200 square feet of wall tile in this bathroom and only 68 square feet of tile on the floor, so one of the ways we saved money was doing something inexpensive on the walls like this matte white 2 x 8 tile that was $4.99/sf from Interceramic.

05. {SPEND} In our kitchen, where cabinets abound, we opted for paint grade cabinets instead of stain grade or raw wood cabinets and saved thousands!  In this bathroom, though, we went with a rift sawn white oak cabinet that really warms up the mostly white space.  It was a little bit of a price upgrade, but since it’s a single bathroom cabinet, not nearly as much as it would have been in a kitchen or larger space.

06.  Ahh! The piece that this whole bathroom design was built around!  I was shocked when Aaron gave me the green light to do terrazzo and didn’t waste a second placing that order.  The one Claire found is called ‘Venezia’ and is from Artistic Tile.  I love that this definitely has a nod to the mid-century style that originally inspired our house and it’s not something you see everywhere.

More to come!

You can always follow along here for updates, too!

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  1. Teagan Delgado


    Hi! Do you know the name of the tile you purchased from interceramic? Thank you!

  2. Gorgeous! That is a crazy amount of tile – good for you!

  3. I cannot wait to see the final result!

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