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A few months ago, when I was very pregnant and very “nesty”, I posted about the new patio space I wanted to create in our backyard.  We already have a deck that has lounge seating and is great for sharing a bottle of wine with friends, but I really wanted a space for hosting a great outdoor dinner party.  The weather is too good here in sunny LA not to have one, don’t you think?  This was the inspiration board for my big endeavor, as well as the before picture of what was once totally wasted space.


Voilà! As you can see from the before picture in that post, the first step was leveling the ground, getting rid of that tree stump and laying the concrete for the stone.  I went and picked out the black slate– which I’m pretty sure my contractor hated because you had to hand cut each piece– but I love the way the color came out.  We poured the concrete and laid the stone around the meyer lemon tree, but everything else had to go.  It created the perfect blank canvas for this outdoor dining set up.

Around-The-Table-WIth-Target-3 Around-The-Table-WIth-Target-4

We’ve had this dining table for over a year now, but no dining chairs to go around it.  When I began hunting for chairs I knew I wanted them to be stylish and contemporary, but also comfortable enough that people would want to linger there after a good meal.  I finally settled on the Threshold Harper chairs from Target and am so glad I did!  They have the really luxe look of cast aluminum furniture without the high price point.  The aluminum frame components make them completely rustproof.  (Fun fact: Did you know that all of Target’s outdoor furniture goes through extensive testing, including a 24 hour period spent in a salt spray simulator, in order to guarantee their durability?)

Around-The-Table-WIth-Target-5 Around-The-Table-WIth-Target-6 Around-The-Table-WIth-Target-7

When it comes to setting the table, you know I love to mix colors and patterns, especially in the summer.  It gives it this very lively and relaxed vibe.  Plus, you can incorporate all of your favorite things without having to have so many pieces of a certain setting.  Of course, succulents have a really special place in my heart– and on this table.

Around-The-Table-WIth-Target-8 Around-The-Table-WIth-Target-9 Around-The-Table-WIth-Target-10 Around-The-Table-WIth-Target-11 Around-The-Table-WIth-Target-12

What do you think about the finished product?  We still have to string some lights and add a few plants.  Like every space, it will be a constant work in progress, but I’m excited to see what it becomes from here!  Now who’s coming over?

Harper Dining ChairsSangria Pitcher / 3 Piece Dip Bowls / Throw Pillows / Round Rattan Chargers / Threshold Appetizer Plates / Threshold Orange Tumblers /Teal Dinner Plates / Threshold Trellis Napkins

Photography by Stephanie Godfrey

  1. Shannon


    Looks fantastic! Now I just need to know where you got the dress… I’m still working on my post pregnancy clothing solutions…

  2. Absolutely beautiful Jen!

  3. Lisa Cervantes


    Its beautiful Jenn! Let me book a flight, lol

  4. Love the color palette and succulents! where is your necklace from?

  5. That is a lovely table!!! Visit 🙂

  6. Oh I love the succulents and all the colors. Beautiful shots!

  7. Jen, it’s beautiful!!! I LOVE the colors and the chairs!!

  8. It looks amazing!

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