And Then There Were Four…

You probably already guessed from the title… and the photo, but it’s true! We’re adding another babe to this crew in August and I’m so happy to finally share the news with you guys!  There have been so many times that I felt like I was going to share it by accident here or that I wanted to mention my very strange cravings or food aversions, but stayed mum about the subject just a little while longer.  Parker has been asking for a baby sister for nearly a year now, so she was so excited when we told her that there was going to be a new baby coming this summer. She kisses and snuggles my belly, demands that baby “come out now!” when she gets upset, and talks about all of the things they will do together. It will be really interesting to see how she feels about not being our only child when the reality really sets in, but so far she’s off to a good start!

So, yes, about those food cravings…! Similar to when I was pregnant with Parker, at about 5.5 weeks food generally sounded terrible which was coupled with the irony that if I wasn’t eating at least something small every two hours I would feel so sick.  Salads sounded terrible, although that didn’t last as long as it did with Parker.  I couldn’t even stomach the thought of coffee which is crazy!  The past couple of weeks, though, I’ve begun to feel a lot better and a lot more like myself. I’m back to my (decaf) almond milk latte in the morning and am currently loving all things citrus, lots of yogurt and granola, the breakfast tacos from Picnik, and jalepeno kettle chips. (Don’t worry, baby is in good hands! Jalepeno kettle chips always sound delicious, but, I only indulge from time to time. Haha!)  Salads with protein sound good now as does really good cheese! Cheese and nut thins has been one of my favorite snacks which explains why the cheese monger at Whole Foods and I are on a first name basis.  Brussels sprouts sound terrible and onions are the worst.  My cravings have been much more savory this time around then they were with Parker. I generally have a total sweet tooth, but right now it’s not even that tempting. (Except the dark chocolate coconut things that they have at the checkout area at Whole Foods.)  What I would really kill for right about now? A Bay Cities sub, a Shag roll from Uchi, and a glass of Sangiovese!

Having an almost three year old, this pregnancy feels like it’s going by faster than it did with Parker, which I’m okay with. I’m so excited to watch her be a big sister and love imagining us moving into our new home in the fall as a family of four. (Actually, let me re-phrase that: I love the idea of us being settled in our new home this fall as a family of four.)  I have found myself worrying about the change to two kids when Aaron is traveling for work– something that never worried me when I was pregnant or had Parker, but I’m sure I’ll get the hang of it… after a few disasters and meltdowns, of course.  My sister just had a baby last August, so it will be fun for these two cousins to be really close in age, too.  ( I chatted more about growing our family here.)  As for the content here? It shouldn’t change that much. There will be occasional kid-centric posts like there are now and a growing bump in my outfit posts, but that’s it.  (Also, I might hit you guys up for name ideas because right now we are all over the map!)

I  have been loving this MiH dress so much. It’s from Net-a-Porter and sadly no longer available, but this looks like the same dress in a different print. Pregnancy is probably another reason I’m imagining myself living in dresses this spring and summer! You guys, nine months pregnant in the summer in Texas. Welcoming all luck, prayers, and good vibes!

On Jen: dress, M.i.H jeans (similar) || shoes, swedish hasbeens

On Parker: dress, Zara || shoes, converse

Photography by Katie Jameson

  1. Caleigh


    Awww that’s wonderful!! My oldest is turning 3 tomorrow and my youngest just turned 1 last month. It’s quite a
    bit crazy in this house but I wouldn’t have it any other way! I’m glad to hear you’re feeling better (I had awful 1st trimester sickness – moving forward from that is oh-so-wonderful) and best wishes for a full-term healthy baby!

  2. I am so excited for you! xoxoxo

  3. We had Lindy in August. Barton Springs, and snow cones kept me happy. Congratulations!

    • Jen Pinkston


      Barton Springs sounds amazing and I did just come into a snow cone maker for a recent blog post! Thanks for the tips 🙂 Xo

  4. I just heard about a great baby name app on the Chris Loves Julia podcast. You download it with your partner and both swipe left/right on names you like or don’t and it keeps a list of the names you both like. It’s called BabyName.

  5. I just heard about a great baby name app on the Chris Loves Julia podcast. You download it with your partner and both swipe left/right on names you like or don’t and it keeps a list of the names you both like. It’s called BabyName.

  6. Congratulations!! I’m so happy for you!! Do you know what you’re having yet? My co-worker was able to find out at 12 weeks through a blood test.


    • Jen Pinkston


      We’re having another girl! So excited for sisters!

  7. More cuteness overload to come……Congratlations to the Pinkstons(lovely photos of you two) xx

  8. YES!! I am so happy for you all… two precious little girls! Glad you’re feeling better too.. you look stunning!

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