All the Trunk Club Pieces I Tried On Before Our Vacay

(This post is the second in our series of posts with Trunk Club. I originally tried Trunk Club for this post and was immediately hooked on the concept and the results. Keep reading to see how things went this round!)

When I first tried Trunk Club a few months ago, one of my favorite things about the way it works is that it’s not a monthly subscription. You can receive Trunks as frequently or infrequently as you like which is much more like shopping for yourself organically. There’s normally a change in season, a change in life circumstance or a special occasion that prompts me to want to shop for something new. Our upcoming family vacation seemed like the perfect chance to get in touch with my Trunk Club stylist, Amanda, and try another round! Here’s how it went…

First, if you haven’t read this post, I would highly recommend starting there. It will walk you through my very first experience with Trunk Club and why I really fell in love with the service. For this post, I got in touch with Amanda and told her about where we were headed for vacay. We would be in San Diego where the weather would be all kinds of dreamy. It would be chilly in the mornings and evenings but sunny and 70 in the afternoons. Basically, perfect. Also, because it was a family vacay I needed less pieces that screamed date night and more pieces that I could chase kids in.

I love this dress and jean jacket combo. The jean jacket is the ultimate layering piece and such a great purchase for a trip like this.

This skirt is from my friend Cassie’s line and it is such a good shade of pink! I don’t think I could have pulled it off with kids in tow but I love this with a simple tee and sneakers! I love that Trunk Club includes items that are versatile and work with pieces already in your closet.

This one-piece swimsuit and skirt combo is perfect for going from beach to lunch or pool to casual dinner. Plus, I love the bold yellow color of the suit! Major score, Amanda!

I didn’t keep this sweater, y’all, and only time will tell if it’s my biggest regret of the summer. It’s soooooo cute! It’s also so perfect for beach weather. I was just having a hard time imagining where I would wear it after the beach which is why it didn’t make the cut. (In case you missed it, these are the three questions I ask myself before buying something new.)

Cute! This is such a great one and done look that takes up almost no space in your suitcase. Such a great travel find! Bonus points for making me feel 25!

This is another great example of a piece I never would have tried on if it weren’t for Trunk Club and my stylist Amanda, but I really ended up liking in the end!

This is the ultimate example of my summer mom uniform, in case you were wondering. And, yes, I kept this whole look… and wore it yesterday.

Have you tried Trunk Club yet? I would love to know what you thought! This was another home run for me! You can sign up for Trunk Club here.

Photography by Katie Jameson

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  2. I haven’t tried trunk club but all the pieces you got are so my style. I love that white button up skirt and that first wrap dress is a classic!

  3. Thank you for sharing! This is so good!

  4. Lauren S.


    This is the cutest! Love all of these outfits!

  5. Love this post! My sister does trunk club, but I’ve never tried it! This makes me want to do it before our Labor Day trip!

  6. Mary Clark


    NEEEED that pink skirt!!!!

  7. Courtney


    I love this idea! Are you able to send them ideas of things or how do they get a sense of your style?

    • Jen Pinkston


      I sent her links to past style posts and a few notes but they also send you a questionaire that gives them a pretty good idea. I think the more information they have, though, about what you like and don’t like the better the experience will be.

  8. Love that striped romper!

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