A Stylish Staycation with Hayneedle…

Hayneedle Staycation 1

It may only be March, but 2013 has already been a jam-packed year!  Aaron has been traveling between LA and Australia (amongst all of his usual traveling) getting ready for Ellen’s big adventure down there next week, and I have been juggling a lot more shoots for The Effortless Chic as well as trying to keep up with my regular styling jobs.  A couple of weeks ago the stars aligned, and by stars I do mean our calendars, and we found ourselves with an entire weekend off here in LA.  What did we do?  Absolutely nothing!

Hayneedle Staycation 2

Well, almost nothing.  I started (and finished!) a new book, Aaron caught up on all of the oscar nominated movies, but we spent most of our time lounging around our bedroom and getting some much needed rest and relaxation.  You might remember a few weeks ago I posted about how our bedroom was needing a little love in the furniture department.  Our room is pretty large for LA standards– about 17′ X 21′– and over half of it has been sitting vacant since we moved in 18 months ago, void of any furniture!  We had shopped all over town and had a hard time making any decisions.  I wanted to buy everything at once so that I knew it worked together.


Finally, I stumbled onto Hayneedle and voila! They have everything!  We were able to purchase everything we needed to make up this cozy sitting area in just a matter of a few clicks and it was all delivered to our door in less than two weeks.



I love the marriage of natural finishes and glamour so I am obsessed with these two bowls!  They are a creamy stone on the outside but metallic silver leaf on the inside.  They are also super practical for holding jewelry, safety pins, and other odds and ends that end up in our bedroom.

Hayneedle Staycation

For more about my look and what I am wearing, check out the original post on Camille Styles.




Photos by Mary Costa
Interior Styling by Caitlin & Caitlin
Furnishings by Hayneedle

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  4. Jessica


    Jen — getting so many great ideas from your posts! I cannot wait to move in to our new home…so much to do! Excited and overwhelmed. XO

  5. Hi. I’d be interested to learn the paint colour too. That is an amazing shade of grey!
    The whole room is lovely.

  6. Obsessed with this room, Jen! It looks so cozy.

  7. What is the color of your walls? it is gorgeous! love the post.

    • Hi Amy! Thank you so much! We tested so many colors before choosing this one. I don’t know the color off the top of my head but I will dig into the garage and send the info your way!

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  9. What a beautiful home you have! I love the geometric shape pillows!! The unique pieces are very pretty!

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