Spring Break || Toddler Staycation

Staying in town this spring?  Fear not!  It’s easy to come down with a case of FOMO (fear of missing out) when it seems like everyone you follow on Instagram has taken up residence in some tropical locale, but there are actually a lot of perks to staying local when it comes to your spring break plans.  For one, you don’t have to worry about time changes and the havoc it can wreck on mini schedules and routines.  Also, it can be really expensive to travel during peak times like spring break, so save up those dollars for the fall when travel is much cheaper.  Plus, just because you’re staying in town doesn’t mean that you can’t have a killer time in your own backyard.  We created this toddler staycation with Munchkin for less than $50 and Parker very much approved!  (Keep reading for the details and be sure to check out our tips for the spring break road trip here!)
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I don’t know about your kiddos, but there is nothing Parker loves more than splashing around in some water!  Whether it’s the bath tub or a muddy puddle, she doesn’t discriminate!  We made this DIY splash pad using an 8 x 10 plastic tarp (available at your local hardware store) and Munchkin’s Duck Tub which we already owned and love for travel.  (There’s nothing grosser than a hotel bath tub, in my opinion!)  The natural bends and folds of the tarp allow the water to pool up in certain areas creating totally “splashable” puddles and the tub is perfect for relaxing and cooling off.  We filled the tub with just a few inches of water.  (I really love this set up as an alternative to a plastic swimming pool for safety reasons.)  I added some toys, Munchkin foam bath letters, and this bubble blower to the mix for more fun.  It may not have been a water park at the Grand Wailea, but she didn’t seem to notice the difference!
spring-break-staycation-with-munchkin-los-angeles-3b spring-break-staycation-with-munchkin-los-angeles-4 spring-break-staycation-with-munchkin-los-angeles-5
If her love for water is rivaled by anything, it’s most definitely snacks!  She’s not big into cake or cookies, but ice cream is her jam!  I made these faux ice cream cups by scooping out honeydew and cantaloupe, piling them into these bright cups, and topping with all-natural sprinkles.  She gobbled up at least two of these by the time we were done shooting!
spring-break-staycation-with-munchkin-los-angeles-9 spring-break-staycation-with-munchkin-los-angeles-10 spring-break-staycation-with-munchkin-los-angeles-11
For another fun activity (and fine motor skill practice!) we made these snack necklaces.  I’m pretty sure more snacks were eaten than strung, but it made for a very happy toddler, nonetheless!  Peruse your local market for donut-shaped snacks and separate them into their own bowls, with a separate bowl of pre-cut string, and voila!
What are your tips for toddler staycation fun?!  Be sure to check back in a couple weeks when we reveal our spring break big adventure!

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Munchkin Product Round Up || Duck Tub || foam bath letters || bubble blower || cups || bowls || spoons + forks ||

Photos by Mary Costa

Illustration by Megan Roy

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