A Note for The Weekend #01:

This week started off by going totally off the rails and Monday ended with me in bed asking questions like “Where did we go wrong?” “Should we ditch this whole homeschool thing?” “Who needs to know how to read anyways?” Tuesday redeemed Monday, in part by the well-sauced enchiladas we were dining on by 6pm and also in part by the leftover margarita found in the refrigerator door that I deemed okay to casually sip at 4:30 on a Tuesday. It was a congratulatory toast to sight words practiced in peace and coins harmoniously counted.

On Fridays circa 2013 we used to do a weekend dispatch often linking to our friends on the interwebs or things we were excited about. In these odd times a weekend dispatch feels like the blog equivalent of a 4:30 on a Tuesday margarita– just right. So here goes…

(image via Camille Styles)

Last Monday while devouring Alison Roman’s latest cookbook, I found myself dreaming of future dinner parties. I envisioned these napkins right along side her roast chicken with caramelized lemons and jammy dates. In my fantasy the kids were of course at my parents and Nick Drake played over the speakers beneath the sounds of captive conversation and eruptions of laughter. (You can check out all of the tools I’ve been using in the kitchen lately here.)

(image via Domino)

On Monday afternoon, our production sample nightgowns arrived, the only redeeming quality of Monday, and I thought I might burst from excitement! A year poured into this seemingly simple dress but I can recount every thought process, conversation and misstep of every seam, hem length and pleat. I’m hoping to launch in the next couple of weeks. Follow us here for the latest updates!

In the beginning of quarantine I took a walk every night. Something I haven’t been very good about doing lately. Some days I sit outside, put in airpods, pretend to pay attention to my children play soccer and listen to Brené’s podcast. There are so many good episodes, it really doesn’t matter where you start.

I’ve found that quarantine brings out the penpal in me. I bought some new cards this week from Poketo in Los Angeles. I also love Rifle Paper Co and Red Cap Cards.

On Sunday night after watching John Legend and others serenade us with their talents during the ‘One World: Together at Home’ Covid relief concert, we laid in bed and considered perhaps the must most outlandish impulse purchase of quarantine: A Roland piano from MoMA. We refrained, but now anytime Aaron flashes me the picture of the instrument it makes me laugh out loud at it’s outlandishness. Do you have a piano? Was it a good purchase?

How goes it with homeschool? That’s the question we asked 8 moms from all over the country. You can read their responses here. If you’re looking for new ideas, Wildsam created this incredible free downloadable Kid Editor’s Field Guide. 4th-8th graders can complete the “field assignments” on their own while younger kids will need parent involvement. We also created a shop of things our own kids are loving here.

We just finished Little Fires Everywhere which I loved for so many reasons, not the least of which is the 90’s nostalgia. We are one episode into Unorthodox, but Aaron finds it a little intense for before bed (which is the only time we watch TV) and the 5th season of Billions premieres May 3rd which is of course documented in my calendar.  What are you watching and loving? I’ll just go ahead and say the unpopular thing: I could not with Tiger King. It evokes similar feelings as watching The Bachelor.

What are you up to this weekend? Last weekend I baked a sourdough loaf from this recipe and I can’t recommend it enough! It’s very easy and simple and came out perfectly.


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  1. Brene’s podcast could not have had better timing with staying at home! My husband and I just closed on our first house this week, so her FFT episode has been so helpful!
    And I’m loving the piano. I grew up with two pianos in our house and have been trying to figure out how to have one in our new home. We all took lessons, but were never too serious – personally I think being able to just sit down and mess around was such a great creative outlet and stress relief as a kid!

    • Jen Pinkston


      Katie, I agree, re: podcast! Hers is the only one I’m listening to right now! Re: Piano: Love this! Still contemplating!

  2. Loved Little Fires Everywhere. I could also not get into Tiger King. I watched 2 episodes maybe, before I had to stop. Currently, I’m watching Anne with an E. I also rewatched 12 Monkeys (show, not movie) a couple of times.

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