A Note for The Weekend #002: Quarantine, The Second Chapter

Many of us have passed the two month mark of days spent in quarantine. While March and April were marked by the careful curation of a sourdough starter, a new proficiency in Zoom and becoming an expert in sourcing flour and eggs, May feels different. Businesses have begun to re-open in many states, same-day grocery delivery slots are nearly as common now as they were in January and rumblings of summer rental houses abound in distanced conversation. May is different, yet still not the same. There’s a letting go of things that were short-term novelties and a leaning into the things that will get us through the next six months. (Bye-bye sourdough starter, hello weekly trips to Texas French Bread.) The best days are those when I can be at peace with the unanswered questions –When will the kids go back to school? Will I ever be alone in my house again? Are they getting enough schooling at home? How about you? How goes this second chapter of quarantine for you? Here are a few things I have been loving from around the web:

We are one more week into La Paloma and I feel like I’m finally getting the hang of this fulfillment thing! Nothing makes me happier than seeing all of you posting pictures of your littles in our All-Day Gowns! From the bottom of my heart, thank you for your support!

I made these tacos this week and was reminded how much I love her recipes.

This is the best thing I’ve purchased all quarantine. (Mine is in Bittersweet.)

If you’ve ever wondered what to make in a dutch oven, wonder no more.

If we need to wear them, they might as well be cute. These are the masks I bought, but I also love these and these.

I might need to spice up my afternoon coffee routine with one of these

Are you following this designer on Instagram? I’ve been loving her home tours lately– sources included!

Surely I can’t let quarantine go by without attempting this

I’ve been on a margarita kick, but I might have to make this tonight instead…

Photography by Aaron Pinkston

  1. Michigan is starting to open up soon but we still have the stay at home order. I just miss my friends.

    Effortlessly Sophisticated

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