A Good Morning. No, A Great Morning.

(A Note from the Editor: I jotted this down in wordpress on May 4th and recently found it in my drafts by accident, looking for something else. I was working on another post that morning but just remember these words in my head so I paused what I was doing, created a new post, spilled my thoughts on to the digital page, and then hit save with no intention of publishing, but alas here we are… published. Photos were more recently captured.)

I awake to the sounds of a whimpering baby, a common occurrence around here.  But after my own eight consecutive hours of sleep? A not so common occurrence and an accolade earned by going to bed early, something I wish I could attribute to intention, but if we are being honest, an accolade attributed to a computer that died and a lack of energy to trek for its charger down the hall and in the office.  I make a mental note to do this more often, but on purpose.

I bring her to my room, after a detour to the kitchen for a cup of coffee, and turn on only the lamp next to my bed. It’s still dark out.  Her feet stick out of her zipper jammies and she drops her head pushing her body towards my chest looking for breakfast.  I nurse my coffee at the same time.

We make our way to the kitchen. Bacon goes in the oven. Sweet potatoes, already chopped after last night’s dinner go onto the stove. Perhaps it’s the cracking of eggs that follow or the smell of breakfast making it’s way upstairs that finally awakes a slumbering big sister who politely beckons from the top of the stairs to be carried down.  Something she may not need, but nearly always wants and I am no one to deny the big bear hug that comes as she wraps her legs tightly around my waist and buries her face in my unbrushed hair.  The endorphin rush is palpable.

We ask google to play us our favorite morning song and she obliges. A dance with a spatula as eggs are scrambled, singing and snickers as two sisters dine on apples.  These are the moments.  As the song reminds us at the chorus, “Home is wherever I’m with you.”

We eat. One in a high chair. One on a bar stool. One standing up while packing a school lunch. We laugh. We go out back to hear thunder better and look for lighting in the sky. You could cut the humidity with a knife, but we don’t so much mind yet. It’s only May.

Tomorrow morning may look wildly different, but I’ll always remember this one amidst the chaos.

PS. The last time Parker and I took outfit photos together was this post!  Do you enjoy these? Want to see them more often?

My Outfit: Dress, One Clothing via Nordstrom (only $55!) || Suede Mules, Maryam Nassir Zadeh (similar) || Moon Necklace, Madison McKinley (I seriously wear this every day and Ever is always pulling on it and it doesn’t break.)

Parker’s Outfit: Cord Leggings, Boden || Chelsea Rain Boots, Zara (Hers are from last year– these are similar but with a wing tip detail. Similar) || Striped Tee, Boden

Ever’s Outfit: Bloomers || Tee, Marimekko (from when Parker was a baby) || Shoes, Robeez || Headband, Etsy (from when Parker was a baby)

(Photography by Katie Jameson– taken on September 4th, 2018. Post written on May 4th, 2018)

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  1. Jen Pinkston


    Chel! How are you?! I have missed you!

  2. Beautiful pics Jen and love tHe dress xx

  3. I love how real this post is! Thanks for sharing!

    Effortlessly Sophisticated

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