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The other day Parker and I were having an afternoon snack at Joan’s in Studio City –which, by the way, happens to be the best place for an afternoon snack with a toddler because it’s next door to a fish store loaded with cool aquariums full of creatures of the sea, but I’ve digressed.  Anyways, we were sharing a blueberry cornmeal muffin when a group of middle school girls walked in wearing their school uniforms.  It’s not an uncommon sight in LA since the majority of private schools here have adopted a uniform policy and a lot of kids in LA go to private school.  It got me thinking, though, about if I could ever go full on Steve Jobs and wear a daily uniform.  Or what if I had just three or five outfits that I rotated between?



If I did, they would mostly be in this color palette– navy, black, white, and camel, with some gray thrown in for good measure, of course.  But, the truth is, I don’t think I could be a uniform person.  Perhaps it’s my background as a stylist or just an innate fondness for playing with clothes, but even when I was capsule wardrobing I found myself wanting newness, to pull something from the clothes I had packed up and hadn’t been wearing on repeat for two months.  Are you familiar with Elizabeth Holmes?  I would highly recommend reading this article about how her company will likely impact all of our lives in the near future.  But also, she’s big on uniforms.

fall-street-style-pants-0915-4 fall-street-style-pants-0915-5

It may not be my daily uniform, but this look is definitely my go to for fall meetings and general running around.  It would also be a great look for working on set if I switched out the heel for something chunkier or even a clog.


Silk pants, All Saints // Tee,  Alexander Wang // Blazer, Crewcuts (little boys) // Bag, Mark and Graham // Shoes, Madewell // Necklace, Anthropologie

Photography by Emily Morgan

  1. Malita


    My boyfriend wears a daily uniform, for casual it’s cargo shorts and black shirt. For work it’s jeans and polo shirt – gray, white, black or navy. He loves it because it’s simple and is one less thing to fuss over as he has a lot to fuss over with his multiple companies. I go through phases where I wear a uniform of sorts, if it’s a crazy hectic week I go in uniform mode, it works and makes me less stressed and able to focus on what I really need to get done. Maybe because we are both self employed??? It has become a good solution.

  2. Classic and Effortless xx

  3. I think uniforms are great for a certain kid of person- the kind that wants to always look put together and moderately stylish without having to really think about it. I think formulas are a good alternative for the person in between a uniform lover and a new-every-day person, you have 4-5 outfit formulas that are available in your closet for various purposes, and you can mix and match items to suit the formula. My favorite for work is slim pants, a loose button up, and some kind of blazer or cardigan or jacket, probably with some sort of statement necklace or earrings. I might have to add this formula to my mix though, I love the look of the trousers with a cropped jacket!


    • Jen Pinkston


      Thanks, Kate! I need some new non-jean slim pants in my life. Any favorites?

      • Loft and Banana are always my go-tos for non-jeans, they have some great slacks that are blissfully stretchy and are very versatile. I love these- I can last all day in my Pre-K class or a 14-hour plane in these!

    • Susana


      For a person that went to school 15 years wearing a uniform, I find it quite depressing.
      I have quite a few basics (that don’t include jeans) in neutral colors. Then adding more pieces is a piece of cake.
      A blazer, a button down, grey pants, khakis, a couple neutral tshirts, a good trench are the basics. You can do a lot with that without having an uniform day in and day out.
      I don’t wear black or navy, having cats are the two most difficult colors.
      Brown, gray, nude, white, baby pink great colors to start.
      For more punch, orange, red and yellow are great additions.

      • Jen Pinkston


        Such great points! Thanks, Susana 🙂

  4. SO professional and chic!


  5. Love this look! So classic!

    xo, Sarah

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