A Backyard Halloween Bash with Minted


Do you remember Halloween when you were a kid?  I remember my mom kept all of the Halloween costumes– some from when she was kid as well as our past costumes– in plastic bins in the attic and come October we would all be eagerly staring up at the ceiling as she brought them down for us to plunder.  When we were planning this party with Minted, I wanted to get back to the simplicity of whether you would be a princess or a ballerina or raggedy anne, before every costume had to be over-the-top original or unique. Instead we wanted a space where the kids could use their imagination, relax, and have fun.  We provided the masks and tails and let the kids pick their favorite animal.  It became a reinvention of “Where the Wild Things Are” and it was so amusing to watch each child take on the persona of their animal, chasing each other through the yard, hiding in the Land of Nod teepee or lying around in the piles of pillows we stacked around the table.

TEC-Children's-Halloween-Party-2 TEC-Children's-Halloween-Party-3 TEC-Children's-Halloween-Party-4 TEC-Children's-Halloween-Party-5 TEC-Children's-Halloween-Party-6 TEC-Children's-Halloween-Party-7 TEC-Children's-Halloween-Party-8 TEC-Children's-Halloween-Party-9 TEC-Children's-Halloween-Party-10 TEC-Children's-Halloween-Party-11 TEC-Children's-Halloween-Party-12 TEC-Children's-Halloween-Party-13 TEC-Children's-Halloween-Party-14

To keep with the laid back vibe, yum.LA created a no-silverware-needed menu of “ghouled” cheese sandwiches with tomato basil soup for dipping, angus beef burgers on brioche buns with all of the fixings, and sweet treats of chocolate dipped apple owls, pretzel wands, and marshmallow pops.  They were promptly gobbled up and every little creature went home that night with a full belly.

TEC-Children's-Halloween-Party-15 TEC-Children's-Halloween-Party-16 TEC-Children's-Halloween-Party-17 TEC-Children's-Halloween-Party-18 TEC-Children's-Halloween-Party-19 TEC-Children's-Halloween-Party-20 TEC-Children's-Halloween-Party-21 TEC-Children's-Halloween-Party-22 TEC-Children's-Halloween-Party-23 TEC-Children's-Halloween-Party-24

We wanted to decor to have an equally light-hearted but thoughtful feel which we created using these circle garlands and confetti from Minted and a fun mix of bright pattern pillows.  Ultimately, we wanted a playful space where the kids could run around and be kids.

TEC-Children's-Halloween-Party-25 TEC-Children's-Halloween-Party-26 TEC-Children's-Halloween-Party-27 TEC-Children's-Halloween-Party-28 TEC-Children's-Halloween-Party-29 TEC-Children's-Halloween-Party-30 TEC-Children's-Halloween-Party-31 TEC-Children's-Halloween-Party-32 TEC-Children's-Halloween-Party-33 TEC-Children's-Halloween-Party-34

invitations, circle garlands, table top confetti, and menus by minted
photography: stephanie godfrey
styling: jen pinkston
production assistants: brooke odom and kat garner
hair styling: lauren mckeever
catering: yum.LA
children: zuri model and talent
teepee, table, and rugs via the land of nod
animal masks via hunting faeriessnowbellaninn apouladaki, and technicandyland
plates and serving pieces: west elm

This post is sponsored by Minted.  Our favorite source for invitations, greeting cards, party decor, and all things paper!  Thanks for supporting the sponsors the make this content possible!

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  1. Wow…cuteness overload…love it Jen!

  2. So good Jen! Thanks for having me capture all of the cuteness. I loved every bit of it. You’re a rockstar and I can’t believe how amazing all of the details are! xo

  3. This is so precious and magical! I love the “ghouled” cheese sandwiches 🙂

  4. Hannah G


    Jen! This is too perfect! What a lovely Halloween party! xo

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  9. Love this, Jen! Y’all did such a great job and those kiddos are too cute!

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  13. Callie


    This is beautifully executed, Jen! I love all of the colors! Do you mind if I ask where you purchased the bright patterned pillows (particularly the navajo print pillow)?

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