A 2011-Style Blog Post: An update, unedited thoughts and some things I’m into at this very moment

Hey, friends! It’s been a long time since I popped in here just to say hi. It’s so very 2011 of me! However, I found myself in a rut this morning and decided this was just what the doctor order– some not-so-intentional words on a page and maybe a list of the things bouncing around my head lately. There’s just so much going on in the world and with the kiddos and with running a business… if you’re feeling like that, too, I’m right there with you. When cases started to creep up here in Texas we started cancelling things again and going back to our little bubble. It just has me feeling a little blah today. The girls are back in school now, yippee! Let’s be gentle with ourselves, with each other and maybe spend the weekend doing a thing or two just because. What are you into lately? Here are a few things on my mind…

First, pizza. Because pizza Friday. Have you had Austin East Ciders Blood Orange Cider? Not sure if it’s available everywhere but if you can get your hands on it, do. It’s so yummy and is the perfect pepperoni pizza pairing!

Had a text conversation about clogs this morning and now can’t get these electric blue beauties out of my head.

Have you seen Jen Samson’s Laguna Beach home? I always miss cool coastal breezes this time of year and could literally feel them as I scrolled through the images. 

I’ve worn a beaded Roxanne Assoulin choker every minute of every day this summer. I’m in love and wondering what is the next piece I should add to my necklace stack collection.

Everything is on sale at Mirth! Their pieces are so beautiful and thoughtfully made. I especially love this one

Alex from The Defined Dish always serving up recipes I can’t wait to make like this one.

Coziest, chicest tee there ever was for fall. The hat I’m wearing on repeat because summer sun spots are real. This skirt is dreamy. All hail, Clare V.

Where are you traveling next? I want to go to New York this fall. Also, LA. I want to go there and shop this dead stock fabric store and just make a mini capsule collection of pieces for La Paloma. For La Paloma, we custom design all of our prints and custom-mill all of our fabrics before they go to cut and sew. It is lengthy process and sometimes I miss that immediacy of just running to the fabric store, seeing something that resonates and making something straight away. 

Also, dreaming of Italy and swimming in the sea… but really would swim in the sea anywhere. That was my favorite part of Hawaii, the multiple times a day ocean dips. It feels so healing and cleansing and just soul nourishing. 

This skirt is amazing.

If you haven’t watched White Lotus, that’s how I would spend my Friday evening. What should I watch now that I’ve finished it?

That’s all. Happy weekend to you. Thanks for tuning into my 2011 blog post. 

  1. Jolene


    You were missed! Enjoyed seeing you pop in to share a bit of this and that.

  2. The Laguna Beach home is amazing – I think I audibly sighed when I scrolled to the picture of the kitchen tile.
    Also, I’m very into the throwback style blog posts. Maybe it’s just me, but this year has made me really long for simpler things – less clickbait-y titles, less videos, less perfection – including “old school” blog posts. I’d love to see more outfit posts and hair ideas and, now that I’m a mom, I’d love to see more of your real mom posts. Thanks for sharing a part of your world 🙂

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