7 All Natural Remedies for The Common Cold


I know we are all about our 2016 resolutions these days, but my BIG resolution for the end of 2015 was just to make it through Christmas without a major illness in the house.  All around us friends were coming down with awful stomach bugs left and right and there was just way too much going on last month for that!  I’m happy to say we succeeded in that goal, but last week I woke up one morning to itchy eyes and a runny nose and knew right away that Parker had been kind enough to share her playground cold with me.  (We will have to have talk about the acceptable exceptions to sharing.)  With a full schedule ahead that week, I immediately hopped on the internet to see what I could do to shorten the lifespan of this thing, and it turns out the home remedies actually really seemed to work.  They keep you more comfortable and help your body to be able to use it’s natural inclinations to fight the cold off quickly as opposed to having it spiral into something else even worse, like a sinus infection.  Here’s what my I learned in my internet sleuthing that seemed to work for me:


1. go big on raw super foods– eating acai, tomatoes, citrus, ginger, and avocado in their raw, natural forms have all been shown to boost your body’s immunity responses. (image via Camille Styles)


2. hit the sack– studies have shown that the more rested your body is, the more able it is to fight off what is ailing you.  just another reason to get to bed a little earlier. (image via Lauren Conrad)


3. blow your nose the right way and often– you’ll only make matters worse by trying to sniffle mucus back into your head or by exerting great force when blowing your nose.  Instead, blow your nose often and gently, one nostril at a time. (image via WSJ)


4. drink hot tea– hot liquids can soothe the inflamed membranes of your nose and throat and can also help thin congestion. (image via Madewell)


5. take a steamy shower– a steamy shower can help help replenish moisture to your dried out nasal passages and ease sinus pressure. And I think we can al agree, it just feels so good to take a steamy shower when you have a cold! (image via Charmaine Olivia)


6. sleep with an extra pillow under your head– this helps your nasal passages to drain in the right direction, so that you don’t wake up with even worse sinus pressure. (image via Cultiver)


7. it’s a good excuse for soup– the more liquids the better, so it’s a perfect excuse to opt for your favorite brothy soup– skip the creamy ones as dairy can actually impede your body’s immune response. (stay hydrated by drinking plenty of water, too!) (image via paper flower girl)

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