5 under $25

Does anyone else go through phases with house projects?  After taking a few months off this summer from doing anything to the house, we have been on a roll lately.  While I was in New York last week, we had the concrete for our new driveway poured and this week I have been meeting with landscapers about hopefully starting some outdoor projects this fall.  Meanwhile, I have been taking stock of things going on indoors and the places that still need some sprucing up.  Even though we have lived here for almost a year, there are still some walls in need of art, corners in need of rearranging, and tabletops in need of decor.  The good news is, unlike major landscaping projects, it’s easy to update room decor on the cheap!  I love the pieces below because they add texture and interest, but are all neutral enough to go in just about any space… and they’re all under $25!  Little pieces like these can go a  very long way…


1. Pillow // 2.  Doorstop // 3. Tray // 4. Vases // 5. Frame

 What do you think of this new series, 5 under $25?  We plan to take it into your kitchen, closet, and beyond!


  1. I love this! I am just starting shopping for the home I am building, and at this point I love to see things that are under $25! Keep them up! thanks!

  2. LOVE the cozy pillows and fur throw on the couch! so inviting

  3. Love this! I’m on a serious budget right now but needing to make some changes where I’m currently living. Definitely do more post 🙂

  4. More 5 under $25, please! This is a great idea for a series, especially for those of us on a budget!


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