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I have to admit, I’m a little sad to see the first week of December already in our rear view– I just love this time of year! Aaron surprised me last weekend while I was away in Puerto Rico by putting lights up on the outside of our house, which we have never done before.  I was walking to the front door with my suitcases and he flipped the switch to light up our house!  It was a much needed pick-me-up after 5 days of shooting and 12 hours of traveling!  Speaking of work, I did a really fun project this week with JC Penney that airs on The Ellen Show today–check it out!  And just to continue the spirit of work, which seems to be the trend this month, I’m going to be working all through this weekend shooting 28 people in the span of three days.  Yowzas!  Wish me luck!  I hope you know how much I love writing this blog every day, even amidst all of the craziness.  I always find myself on set during downtime checking your comments and emailed responses and, you have to know, it really just makes my day!  I love this little style dialogue that we get to have here.  Anyways, I have digressed!  All of that to say, I am looking forward to getting through this weekend to the holiday parties we are attending next week!  Attending any parties yourself?  Today’s 5 Under $25 is a collection of great chic and inexpensive hostess gifts.  (PS. They also make great gifts to keep in your desk or hallway closet when you need to reciprocate unexpected gifts!)  If you’re looking to be a little more spendy, check out one of our most recent gift guides here and here!  Have a great weekend you guys!


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  1. McKenna Ryan


    I love having candles in my house. especially around the holidays! xx. Mckenna Lou

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