5 Outfits I’ve Been Wearing Postpartum

Let me paint you a picture of Parker’s first day of preschool this year:  The day is August 28th which means we have a five day old baby.  We’ve also been without power since the day we arrived home from the hospital so we are waking up for the third morning in my sister’s guest house, all living out of hastily packed suitcases.  There is a late start today (meaning school starts at 11a) because of Hurricane Harvey and all of the rain he has brought to the city, so my nephew also needs a ride to his first day of high school.  Aaron wants to go get breakfast tacos at our favorite taco shop, but I have to break the news that my water broke in my favorite loungey pants which then had to be discarded (ew) and those happened to be my only loungy pants that a.) don’t have visible holes and b.) are loose enough for everything that is happening down below.  So instead, he runs to pick up breakfast.  I get Parker and myself dressed– I’m still wearing hole-y sweatpants, mind you.  Aaron, my nephew, Parker, myself, and five day old Ever load up in the car and head to Whole Foods where we can get things to craft together a lunch for Parker. A mile away is an Ann Taylor Loft where I essentially tuck and roll out of the car in order to find socially appropriate pants. I’m in and out in less than five minutes with not only a pair of black loungey pants but also a top that is hopefully blousey enough that people stop asking when my baby is due. (Once this happened while I was literally holding my newborn baby. You can’t make this stuff up.) The top is actually the black one in the below outfit, so while a rash decision, I’ve actually gotten quite a bit of use out of it. I can’t say the same for the pants. RIP pants that got me through the first two weeks.  All of this to say, postpartum dressing ain’t easy. You’re so excited to have evicted this precious baby from your belly and have them on the outside now, but it’s a ruse to believe you get your old wardrobe back. Things are different for AWHILE.  Even if you lose all of the “baby weight”, they’re just different. It takes time. And there’s the whole breastfeeding thing.  More than a couple people mentioned this challenge to me on Instagram, either in comments or DMs so I thought I would just share what’s been on repeat in my closet.  (Besides this one, of course.) Not pictured: A nursing tank under EVERYTHING.

jeans, Everlane || sweater, Madewell (last year) || boots, Madewell (here in black— they’re so comfortable that I wear them every day, even for a walk around the neighborhood. They’re definitely my go to shoe right now, just fyi.)

knit sweater trousers, Zara || top, Loft || mules, Maryam Nassir Zadeh

top, Zara || jeans, Aleander Wang || boots, Coach

top, Whit (crazy on sale right now!) || jeans, Mother || mules, Maryam Nassir Zadeh || Backpack, Rebecca Minkoff

tee, Sola via Anthropologie || cardigan, Madewell (similar) jeans, Mother || boots, Madewell || beanie, so old and can’t remember!

(house credits… since I know you’ll ask 🙂 wall sconces, Cedar & Moss || interior paint color, Behr Gallery White in matte finish || art, Claire Oswalt)

Photography by Katie Jameson

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  3. alittle partial, but you are adorable in every outfit!

  4. I love these laid back looks…you look like a girl who just graduated from cOllege and entering the real world xx

  5. Well that sounded like quite the adventure! Super cute outfits! I didn’t realize everlane had white jeans!

    Effortlessly Sophisticated

    • Jen Pinkston


      Me either until recently! Now I want them in every color!

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