5 Best Restaurants in Aspen with Ashley Landheer

It’s beginning to look a lot like ski season! If you’re pulling out those parkas and heading to Aspen over the holidays, look no further to find the perfect restaurant itinerary to feed those cold weather cravings!

As an Austin native, Ashley Landheer knows her restaurants… She also travels the world non-stop while working remotely. She is the epitome of effortless cool. For years Ashley lived only a short drive away from this European-style ski town, so naturally Aspen is her favorite winter destination. We caught up with her recently and she was kind enough to share her thoughts on the best restaurants in town! Keep reading for Ashley’s favorite places to dine in Aspen! (PS. Did we forget one of your favorites? Leave it in the comments!)

(Image via Aspen Peak)

1. Clark’s Aspen

Clark’s is my number one favorite dinner spot in aspen! It has it all– great service, phenomenal food and amazing cocktails. The interior design is a dream, and the fireplace makes it extra cozy on those snowy Aspen evenings.

(Image via Architectural Digest)

(Image via Aspen Peak)

2. Matsuhisa

If you are looking for a restaurant with a sexy vibe, Matsuhisa is the place to go. It’s the perfect spot for a date night or girls night! Have the server choose the dishes for the table, they alway curate the best combinations.

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3. White House Tavern

This is the classic cozy, old Colorado home converted into a beautiful space. It’s a great casual spot for both lunch and dinner. Try and get a table outside if the weather is nice. Their chicken sandwich is life changing!

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4. Steakhouse No. 316

If you’re looking for great bar menu and that has some of the best deals in town, check out this historic building that was once a brothel. It’s now serving up the most amazing steaks! It’s also great for large groups.

(Images via 303 Magazine)

5. French Alpine Bistro

This place is an absolute gem. It’s a cozy candlelit hideaway in the mountains that takes you from Aspen to France. Rustic decor, sheepskin draped throughout the space, and antiques covering the walls etc… There’s no better place to spend a cold night than the bistro– with some crepes and a bottle of wine.

(Image via Aspen Wedding Guide)

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Thank you so much, Ashley!

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