Last week in St. Thomas I found myself a bit stranded without my usual office necessities to come to my aid.  I had two contracts that needed to be signed, expense receipts that needed to be scanned and submitted, and an invoice that needed to be put together.  With no Kinko’s in site, I let the App store come to my aid instead and learned that you can literally do just about everything on-the-go!  If you’re thinking of hitting the road or just want to be prepared for the unexpected, you will definitely want to check out these five apps!

JotNot Scanner {FREE}

Since scanners are usually to big for a carry-on and too cumbersome for a taxi ride, this app is the perfect substitute!  Capture an image of any document or receipt and JotNot renders it into a scanned document.  Next you can choose to either save it to your photo library for a future email or fax it directly from the app.  Convenient, right?!

Invoice2Go {$9.99}

Customize your own professional invoices! I uploaded my own personal invoice template into this app and you can to.  It saves all of your different employers information too, so it saves time if you are constantly billing the same clients.  Invoice2Go serves as a fast way to bill and collect payments for the most savvy business women!

DocuSignInk {FREE}

Save paper, download DocuSign! This free app is a quick and super easy way to sign documents from your iPhone. Forget the printer or fax machine, all you have to do is use that finger to do the job!  This was perfect last week when I had client contracts that needed to be signed.

Mint.com {FREE}

This app allows every business woman to have a great understanding of what is coming in and out of her business… You can create customized categories that fit your needs, like income, client expenses, employee costs, and more. Think of it as a money manager that works from your cellular device!

Hootsuite {FREE}

Sick and tired of switching to all of your social media sites to post the same thing? Download Hootsuite. You can link up all your social media and send out one message simultaneously…and on a schedule!  A dream when you’re on vacation!


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  1. Love the textures & fabrics in that picture! <3

  2. I love hootsuite for that same reason!

  3. what great ideas!!!! I needed these. Love your posts about the apps- the photo editing one was great too!

    The Casual Classic