5 BEST APPS FOR Stylish Snapshots


I (Blair) have recently self-diagnosed myself as an “Insta-Addict.” I spend way too many hours of the day refreshing my feed, double tapping strangers pictures, and endlessly editing my own pictures to upload. While I used to simply take the picture using the Instagram app itself, I now have to run it through about 3+ different applications before it is insta-worthy! Curious how your favorite Insta-follows make their images look so dreamy?  Here are a few of my favorite photo apps to make yours just as drool-worthy…

VSCO Cam (free)

I’m sure all you photographers have heard all about this app, but if not… get ready to be addicted! This has become my go-to photo editing app on my phone. The best part? It is cheap with plenty of free filters… or you can splurge and buy more 99 cent filters that are most certainly worth it.

A Beautiful Mess (.99)

This app is my girly guilty pleasure. It features an array of borders, text, doodles, and phrases you can add to your picture… as well as a few filters. A Beautiful Mess is great for bloggers who use many arrows and text on pictures. I especially love the doodle & phrase options that personalize any of your pics!

Phonto (free)

I am such a sucker for fancy fonts. There is nothing I love more than pretty handwriting, so Phonto is perfect for just that. This app is the best for adding text to pictures… you can even upload any of your desktop fonts! I find myself downloading new fonts weekly, and Phonto lets me put my obsession to use!

Squaready (free)

Ever had the devastating problem of taking a wonderful picture… only to find out it just won’t fit properly in the Instagram automatic square crop? We have ALL been there. I use Squaready when I want to show the whole horizontal/ vertical picture, without anything being cropped! Regardless of size, this app can make any picture fit properly… so you can show off the whole thing on Instragram.

DeluxeFX (.99)

DeluxeFX was actually my first photo editing app, so I have a special place in my heart for it! I don’t use it as much as other apps, but when I do… it gets a lot of love! It has great overlays for pictures (including hearts, confetti, light effects) as well as some fun and colorful filters. This app is great for those days I am feeling extra funky.


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  1. I love the list, the squaready was a new one for me

  2. Love these, thanks for sharing!

  3. Great list, thanks for sharing! 🙂

  4. many thanks for this perfect list for the instagram novice! cant wait to put to good use. LOVE catching up with your lovely blog!

  5. thanks for posting these!!! such great apps – just downloaded a beautiful mess (its awesome btw). what do you use to edit your photos from the regular camera? photoshop? just curious…

    The Casual Classic

  6. Hi Jenn! these are great, I already downloaded one of them…had to delete some of my 1k photos to make room though, haha!