5 Apps For Shaping Up!


As much as I (Blair) would love to have the time and funds to have a personal trainer and nutritionist by my side 24/7, that is not completely plausible at this point in my life. (But hopefully, someday!) Instead, I have relied on my iPhone for one more role throughout the day, and that is to be my fitness guru. Whether I am wanting to track my distance on a hike or if my schedule isn’t quite allowing me to practice yoga that particular day, I will turn to the ever so dependable iPhone App Store. Check out 5 of my favorite fitness pals…

Nike Training Club {free}

Talk about some motivation. As you continue to work out, you earn points to unlock celebrity workouts. Have an extreme girl crush on Rihanna? Learn what her trainer pushes her to achieve. Set an intention for yourself (such as focusing on getting lean, toned, strong, or focused) and push yourself to reach your goals!

Runtastic {free}

Whether you are running, walking, hiking, or cycling (or many, many more options!) this app tracks it all. Tailor it by including your height, weight, and specific workout. When you are ready to call it quits, you will know exactly the distance you ran, how many calories were lost, and how long you pushed yourself to the limit. Hold your index finger to the camera to determine your heart beat, pretty cool huh?

Pocket Yoga {2.99}

Sometimes my favorite yoga classes are only available during my work hours. To make sure I stay on track, I use my Pocket Yoga for my own private lesson in the comfort of my own home! With over 150 different poses, I always have a new adventure. Sessions are based on level of difficulty and duration, so customize it to your own practice! You can even add your favorite yoga tunes to really get you in the HEAT of the moment.

Meal Snap {2.99}

Known as the calorie counting magician, this app is pure genius. Take a picture of your plate, and after some analyzation, you will receive a ballpark calorie range. They know what you are eating (you can add some more detailed description too) and you can tastefully track your calorie count from every meal of the day.

Sleep Cycle {1.99}

Something that sometimes I tend to forget is just as important in the whole shaping up process is SLEEP. I have always been teased for going to bed a bit early for my age, but there is something I just cherish about a good nights sleep. If I do not get over 8 hours, it seems almost impossible for me to get out of bed the next morning. My friend suggested I download Sleep Cycle when I suggested I need an IV to insert coffee into my veins every morning… so it seemed like something I should try out! I love, love it. Put your phone under your pillow and the app will track your sleep cycles, waking you at the lightest sleep phase. You will feel like a whole new, natural woman!

{image via lululemon}