5 Apps for Holiday Gift Guides


As much as I (Blair) love exchanging gifts with friends and family over the holidays, I always have the hardest time choosing a special something for the people who mean so much to me! Whether it’s a present that feels too similar to something they already have, not in my price range, or just not personal enough, I’m always finding burdens in the way of my gift giving. Thank goodness there are apps now to do the brainstorming for you! Without further ado, I introduce to you, 5 apps to make this holiday season’s shopping a little less hectic…

Real Simple Gift Guide {free}

Real Simple is one of my favorite magazines, so I knew their new gift guide had to be just as appealing! With this app, you can find creative choices for everyone on your Christmas list… whether it is a man, woman, teen, or kid, their gift options cater to every age range. Better yet, their gifts are always so cute and affordable – chosen by the Real Simple editors themselves, which means they are always changing and getting updated, so make sure to check back often!

Cool Hunting {free}

This app is just that… cool. Filter gifts by price range or description (book, clothing, electronic, etc) to make sure your gifts feel extra personal. What I love about this app is that it gives me items I would have never found on my own – I will trick everyone into thinking I am super trendy and creative this Christmas!

Jonathan Adler {free}

What’s there not to love about this app? I downloaded the Jonathan Adler app before I even knew it had a gift guide in it because he is one of my absolute favorite designers. Since I love everything he does, I decided my friends and family should too! All you have to do is follow the simple steps – Who is it for? What occasion? What is your price range? I plan on using this app for my secret santa present and I am pretty sure my gift is going to be the best yet!

Uncrate {free}

This gift guide is designated for all of the fellas in your life! Check out the latest items, what’s popular, or simply browse by section. Come up with a few options for Dad while searching? Save them to your stash and come back later when you are ready to bite the bullet and buy the super nice golf clubs. Turn any man in your life the new trendsetter in town!

Gift Planner {99 cents}

Now this is what I am talking about!  I am the queen of making lists and I must say my favorite kind of lists are the Christmas Wish Lists.  I find myself making them when summer has ended, is that a little too soon? This app lets you keep track of your gift ideas, what stores you can find them at, their prices, and everything you need to know about the item (or rather everything the person needs to know who is buying it for you!)

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