5 Apps For Getting Dressed with No Stress


There are many things that I (Blair) daydream about and having a massive closet like Cher from Clueless is definitely on the top of the list. Not only would my mornings go a lot smoother, I wouldn’t have to worry about re-wearing the same thing while seeing the same crowd of people. On top of that, wearing sweaters in the humidity or shorts in the crisp of fall wouldn’t be an issue! I introduce to you, 5 of my favorite friends that stick by me and help me get dressed even on those moody Monday mornings…

Pose {free}

My lovely friend works for Pose and I jumped on the bandwagon immediately. Based on your specific location and weather, this app always has the perfect pairing of clothes for you. Follow your favorite bloggers to see their combinations – and even shop the items they are wearing!

StyleBook {$3.99}

Created by a former Vogue fashion closet intern and Lucky Magazine alum, you know this app has some experience under its belt! Upload your own personal clothes and put together outfits that look magazine ready. I bet you never knew your own pieces could look so chic!

Polyvore {free}

If you consider yourself a fashionista, this app is for you. My favorite part of Polyvore is making collages for different outfit inspirations. I use them on my blog as well as sharing them with friends when they ask for outfit ideas. It is simple and a great way to see what looks phenomenal together!

Cloth {free}

This is the perfect helper for getting ready if you are an organized person. Shoot your favorites outfits and save them under a customizable title such as “Date Night” or “Ali’s Birthday Party.” This is a good way to save outfit ideas and you can even filter them to make them look instagram-ready!

Mirror {free}

Not much explanation needed for this guy. Sometimes the reflection of my phone works as a mirror, but after getting this app – I felt so silly that I would look in store windows to see myself! You can even open the app and still get away with acting like you are typing on your phone, when really you are give yourself a once over!

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  1. I really want StyleBook, but I don’t have an Iphone. When I was younger I created a file on my computer and drew all my clothes in Paint. I’m thinking I should do that again with photos so I remember what I already have.

  2. Love this post! So helpful for those times I run around repeating over and over ” I have nothing to wear” and stare blankly into my closet…why does this seem to happen so often?! Polyvore is one of my faves!



  3. Where are the shoes in the picture from??