5 Apps For… Cutting Down Costs

8dcc43fbfcfd57440792892e1fb603fc My name is Blair and I have ever so willingly joined the coupon craze. Some of you guys out there are embarrassed to admit you have turned into sale shoppers, but not I! Hey, I am a post-grad living in an expensive city and you gotta do, what you gotta do! If I still want to be able to afford my acai bowl + latte obsession every morning, I have to cut back in other areas of my life. Download these 5 apps if you want to jump on the saving the big bucks bandwagon with me…

Happy Hour Finder – {free} During the week, I usually get into a set routine of working then going home and being a hermit for the night. Maybe I will make it to a yoga class, but my only interactions with friends is via text. Not only is that because I am craving my bed at the end of a day… but it is also a great way to save the bucks. Getting together with friends on the week night is just another expense that Mint will remind me of later that week. Fear no more wallet… this app finds the best happy hours near your current location so you don’t have to make up excuses when it comes to meeting up to mingle after your 9-5.

Gas Buddy – {free} This little guy has become my most frequently used app other than my obvious instagram & spotify obsessions. Since I spend a good amount of time in my Jeep, he often gets pretty hungry for gasoline a little more than I would hope. Although I have my designated gas station down the street from my apartment, I never want to get stuck paying 50 cents more a gallon when I am close to E in the middle of Beverly Hills. Check this app when you are running low and it will show you the nearest gas stations with all of the gas prices, so you can plan accordingly!

RedLaser – {free} Once you get over looking kind of silly scanning items with your phone, it is all downhill from there! Say you are a coffee lover and looking for some yummy K-Cups. Scan a box at one store and you will quickly be told if it is the best deal or if you should make a trip down the street instead. You can even order directly online and it will be shipped to your house! Trust me, this app is everything.

Cartwheel – {free} I only downloaded this app last week and have been making up more and more excuses to stop by Target on my way home from work each night. Savings range from 5%-30% and they always happen to be on things that are on my wish list! This week the big savings are for shoes… so obviously this app was designed for me!

Coupon Sherpa – {free} Coupon Sherpa has been a favorite of mine for years now. Since I have an obsession with Michael’s Arts and Crafts, I immediately fell in love with this app. There is a long, long list of stores and restaurants in your area and you can see the inside deals they are offering. Just try not to turn into a crazy coupon clipper!

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  1. Martha Susan


    This is amazing – I love saving money – seriously, its competitive game – love love gas buddy!

  2. Thank you so much for these tips! Just downloaded Gas Buddy and I’m obsessed. Our offices are downtown, where Shell is charging 4.59 a gallon just .2 miles away from Valero, who’s charging 3.79! Incredible! .. Can you say extra art money;)!

  3. Great tip on that Cartwheel app — there always seems to be something(s) from Target on my list and this is such a welcome app!

  4. Forget couponing, where is that jacket from!? And the bag!?

  5. Redman


    where is that bag from?! I have been looking for something like for years!