5 Apps For The Home Cook


You know you are getting older when… you would rather buy an app that helps you plan out your dinners for the week rather than the newest game to play in your free time.  I (Blair) currently moved to a new apartment on the other side of town, and have been trying my hardest to cook my own dinners each night  rather than swooping by Whole Foods to check out their salad bar. I have been finding that my apps are most certainly helping me stick to this plan! Here are 5 of my top picks for all y’all cooking from home…

Our Groceries {FREE}

The best way to manage the family’s grocery list… and everyone in the family can add to the list! From your husband who needs some BBQ essentials, to your daughter who ran out of body wash, this app lets you hear it all first hand! For me, I can add my roommate so we both know things that are running low… and who can equally get what.

Locavore {FREE}

Check out what is in season in your city, where you can pick it up, the nearest farmer’s markets, and even seasonal recipes to use your favorite ingredients in! I love hitting up the farmer’s markets on the weekends, but rarely know any new things to do with those sweet strawberries I bought!

Hello Vino {FREE}

This app gives you the best recommendations based on your prefences… for pairing wines with particular foods or what kind of wine to get for a special occasion. Already have a wine? Snap a picture of it and Hello Vino will tell you exactly what to eat it with! I am working on stepping out of my comfort zone when it comes to wine and thanks to this app, I am surely making my way!

Green Kitchen {$4.99}

In the mood to eat green? Green Kitchen gives you the best vegetarian, vegan, and gluten-free recipes… with even better pictures included! My friend is celiac so this helps me think of recipes for dinner parties that she can be included in!

MealBoard {$2.99}

This app is the best for all you planners out there like myself! I always plan my weekly meals on the app. The best part is that you know the prices of everything on your grocery list when you punch in the exact market you will be shopping at! I usually stick to the same two markets in my neighborhood, so it is nice to know how much that bill is going to rack up to be rather than that facing that unfortunate surprise in line.

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