5 Apps For A Road Trip


There is nothing I (Blair) love more than a good road trip. As much as I love flying, I think being in the car with friends is the best way to bond and form stronger relationships. Road trips are filled with good food, lots of giggles, and blaring your favorite jams for hours at a time. With amazing road trip apps out there, you can plan everything accordingly so you will never have to face any mishaps along the way… such as running out of gas in the middle of nowhere or going too long without a cup of coffee!

GasBuddy {FREE}

Before you start getting close to E, check out this app to find the nearest and cheapest gas stations on your road trip route! I even use this in my area when I am not road tripping to check out the lowest gas prices in my neck of the woods!

Spotify {FREE}

Who burns CDs anymore anyways? I am a big fan of Spotify… you can make plenty of road trip playlists before your adventure, or even along the way! I have forced all of my friends to jump on the Spotify bandwagon and have to say, they are all just as pleased with it as I am! While the app is free, in order to have the premium service on your phone, there is a monthly charge of $9.99 a month, but it is definitely worth it! {You can try the 30 day free trial to see what you think!}

iExit {.99}

Want to see how long you have to hold off going to the bathroom? Or when you can finally get your Starbucks fix? Find out what is coming up on the next exit, and the one after that, and after that… I used this app several times on my road trip out west and planned all of my meals accordingly!

Roadside America {$2.99}

Who would have known there is the world’s largest ball of twine in Kansas? With this app, you will never miss some crazy places on the map, and there will never be a dull moment! This would be such a fun app to have on your phone when road tripping with girlfriends, family members, or even if you are ridin’ solo!

Roadtrippers {FREE}

Whatever form of transportation you are taking… a car, a bike, or on foot… this app will help you plan out the perfect route from point A to point B. Sick of taking the usual trip through the cornfields of the Midwest? Switch it up and take the mountain view!

  1. Like the Exit app, I definitely need that one!

  2. Ha! Just returned from a road trip after a wedding and we def needed GasBuddy – took a major detour looking for a petrol station (as we say here in the UK!) and it all got a bit heated in the car when we couldn’t navigate ourselves out of the town we found ourselves in.

    We definitely took the ‘scenic route’!

  3. literally just got back from a road trip.. wish I had known about iExit, but Siri was helpful also 🙂

    The Casual Classic

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