3 Three Minute Hairstyle Tutorials + How to Cheat Your Blowdry

Oh, you guys. Writing the copy for this post simply reminds me that I am so overdue for a haircut! I mean I’m not even entirely positive when my last one was, but if I had to guess, I would go with March 2016. Yikes. Don’t worry, it’s on the books and I’m counting down the days. More importantly, though, I’ve been using all of these tips and tricks that Martha Lynn taught us during our last shoot together to make it through. I’ve been adding quick and easy waves, pulling it back with this favorite headband of mine, and going for an extra wavy half up look to disguise the fact that my hair is desperate for a trim.  Today’s tutorial, though, might be the most life changing!  I went from the girl who always let her hair air dry to using this blow dry trick almost religiously. Keep reading for the trick to a perfect blow dry that takes all of about 4-5 minutes and the 3 three minute hairstyle tutorials to get you out the door in the morning!

How to Cheat your blow dry:

1. Power dry your entire head until it’s about 80% dry.
2. Next, section out the top 1/3 and clip the bottom 2/3 out of the way.  With a large paddle brush (similar one here) bend forward and blow dry the top section.  Keep your blow dryer and brush “married” together and smooth out the top!  Blow drying it in front of your face is easier on the arms and will get you a little volume when you flip back over.
That’s all…skip out on blow drying the bottom section for a major time saver and try out these three easy styles to get you out the door!

3 Three Minute Hairstyle Tutorials

#1.)  Low pony loop – allowing your hair to fall at the natural part, loosely pull it back into a low ponytail.  When you pull it through on the final (usually third) time around don’t pull it all the way through.  Leave the hair looped and then slide the “tail” around to the top!  Secure with a cute hair tie for extra credit.

#2.)  Low braid – again, allowing your hair to fall at the natural part, loosely gather your hair in three sections at the nape of the neck.  Braid about half way down and secure with a hair tie.  If you really want to go for it, flip the end under and pin with two bobby pins on each side!  Voila.
#3) For something a little more swept up, take your low braid and tuck it up underneath. Secure with bobby pins and you’re done!

Three Minute Hairstyle Tutorials by Stylist Martha Lynn Kale

Salon: Mirror Mirror

Photographer: Katie Jameson

  1. Love the idea of tucking the braid underneath! A braid is usually what I do on 4-day hair and that’s a nice twist (literally) to make it a bit more fun. Thanks for the post!

    xoxo – Kelly

    • Jen Pinkston


      Yes! I have been trying not to wash my hair so frequently and this has been perfect!

  2. I might need to try some of these hair styles. I don’t blow dry my hair though. My hair is wavy, so I usually plop my hair after I wash it and then my waves come out so nice.

    xx Jennifer

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