3 Holiday Gift Guides for Teachers, Dads and Kiddos!

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If you followed along on our house building journey, then you probably already know that we chose our neighborhood for its walkability. My big requirement was that I had to be able to walk to breakfast, lunch, dinner, and coffee if I so desired! Our location nails all four of those and beyond! In fact, one of the places that we can walk to from our house is Tuesday Morning which is how my love affair with the all-purpose retailer began. The girls actually lovingly call it “The Christmas Store” for it’s great selection of all things holiday right now, but I actually use it as my secret gift-giving hack.  Tuesday Morning carries everything from home furnishings, housewares, and décor, to cookware, flatware, gourmet foods, luggage, kid’s toys and beyond! (All at 20-60% off traditional retail prices!) I went on a shopping trip last week to search for the best gifts for some of the people on my list. Keep reading below for the presents I picked up for Ever and Parker, my dad, and Parker’s teacher. Plus, I’ll share some more tips for giving the best gifts ever this year!

Gifts for that A+ Teacher:

I feel so fortunate that Parker ended up in the class that she did this year for Kindergarten! Her teacher is full of energy, engaging, and somehow always seems to have a smile on her face. I decided to create this breakfast basket as a way to encourage her to enjoy those more leisurely mornings of holiday break when she doesn’t have to be at work when it’s still dark out.


  • When putting together a basket, try to stick to one really clear theme. It helps it to feel more thought out and less random. Other basket themes could be a bath time basket complete with bath salts, loofah, artisan soap, a candle and pretty matches or a wine and cheese basket pulled together with a mini cutting board, cheese knives, wine glasses, and a wine opener.
  • I like to use a really nice basket that I can imagine the recipient using on its own. I love these beautiful rope details!

Gifts for Kiddos of all Ages:

The toy section of our Tuesday Morning is such a treasure trove! I found American Girl things, LOL, Shopkins and just about everything else that I hear Parker talking about. She’s super into games and puzzles right now, so I stocked up on these Disney Puzzles and this Disney Princess Trouble game. We did so many puzzles last holiday break and it was such a nice way to unwind and not be sitting in front of screens. The Magic Easy Writer and Animal Lacing Toys are for Ever—fun for her, but also great for honing those fine motor skills! We actually went to a restaurant that had these Magic Easy Writers for kids and she loved it! I also found so many baby things for her at Tuesday Morning! She is obsessed with all things baby. Strollers, diapers, cradles and carriers, they truly have it all!


  • Go through their existing toys now and I donate things they’ve grown out of or have lost interest in. I have found that creating space for new toys before they arrive helps keep all of us from feeling overwhelmed and makes them even more excited for new things.
  • Choose some things they’ve asked for, but don’t be afraid to experiment! I never would have thought of this Magic Writer if we hadn’t used one at the restaurant. Some things might surprise you and at Tuesday Morning prices you can afford to take a little risk!

Gifts for Dad:

Is it just me or are dads the hardest to shop for?! The upside is that I do think they truly appreciate just about anything. When I was shopping for my dad I couldn’t ignore the massive end cap of name brand grilling tools and cookware! My dad is the king of the grill and while he does certainly already have some grilling tools, the nature of the high heat and how often they get used means that they do have to be replaced more often than other kitchen tools. I also found a remote meat thermometer which is so great for cooking meats that have longer cook times. Rather than having to open the grill and check the temp, you actually have a tool where you can monitor it remotely. The meat claws are actually a running joke in our family. I gave my sister a hard time for asking for them last Christmas, but she reports that she uses them all the time! This year my dad asked for them and I found these super nice ones at Tuesday Morning. I’m really excited to see his face when he gets his gift this year!


  • Pay attention to the things he is into. Does he have a favorite team and is in need of new gear? Does he play golf? Could you get him custom tees or towels? Let his hobbies or interests lead the way in shopping for dad!


  • Dads tend to be practical, always taking care of others before themselves. Is there something he would appreciate, but would never buy for himself? That’s likely the perfect gift!

What’s the best gift you’ve ever received and why? Head here to find your nearest Tuesday Morning store and get a jump on your own holiday shopping!

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    I love making cards for all occasions, I tried the Crafter’s Companion from Tuesday Morning an it is the best product I have ever bought. Everything you need is included. The kits are for all levels of crafting ability. I am so happy with this product. Everything you need is in one box. Beautiful cards and fun to make.

    • Jen Pinkston


      Thank you so much for sharing! I will have to try these out!

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    Whether i ever won anything,you have thebest store for all your customers…i feel i,ve won everytime i visit your store…….thanks for all you do for your customers…….

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