26 Things To Do at Home While You’re Social Distancing

Lemons into lemonade. That’s always been our motto. If you’re part of a community where social distancing is mandatory or are social distancing as a preemptive measure, keep reading for 24 things you can do from home to make the most of this time.

Social distancing is a term applied to certain actions that are taken by Public Health officials to stop or slow down the spread of a highly contagious disease. It usually indicates that schools and offices are closed and all community events cancelled. The ripple effects are many and it’s not without it’s obvious downsides. However, if you find yourself taking social distancing measures, allow us to help you make the most of this time. Thinking of everyone and wishing you well. Keep your heads up and wash your hands.

(For additional resources during this extended time at home, check out our store front!)

1. Start a daily mindfulness ritual. meditation. yoga. prayer. journaling. Consider what would serve you bets.

2. Experiment with a new fitness routine. Follow Kate to join a group for accountability,  Whitney for workouts you can do from home, or check out these 15 free workouts online.

3. Organize that one closet. Better yet, organize all of the closets. Follow Shira for great ideas and check out inspo here!

4. Take an online cooking class like this one from my friend and chef extraordinaire, Colleen.

5. Get financially savvy. Learn about how to invest for retirement, grow your savings and more.

6. Start that new business you’ve been considering. You don’t have to leave the house to create a business plan,  purchase the domain name and file an LLC.

7. Think local. Plan a way to support local businesses when all of this is over.

8. Make those recipes that you typically avoid. The ones that have lots of nuanced ingredients and steps that make you wonder, “Do I really need to do this?” I love this one for such a time as this.

(image via Jenni Kayne)

9. Create a family budget. Go through recent months expenditures and figure out where it’s all going. Are there places where you can decrease spending? Monthly subscriptions you maybe didn’t realize you were still paying?

10. Support small businesses. Especially those affected by recent closures, like Spring at the Silos

11. Organize your pantry. Get creative and use ingredients that have been sitting in there awhile in a way you wouldn’t normally.

(image via The Home Edit)

12. Put on your Thinking Cap. Brainstorm ways to increase your own business revenue in Q3 and Q4 when hopefully this has all passed. Ask a few friends to brainstorm with you and then repay the favor. We’re stronger together.

13. Get Crafty. Use the extra time to tackle that DIY project you’ve been thinking about. This is my favorite thing I’ve ever made.

14. Organize your laundry room. Label all of the sheets and pillowcases by size.

15. Make bread. Gluten-free? Make bread still.

16. Channel your Inner Teacher. If you have kids, keep the learning going by downloading worksheets. If extended school-from-home becomes a thing, check out Other Goose for thoughtful lesson plans.

17. Skill Building. Teach your kids something new. There’s no rush. No one has anywhere to be. Be patient and let them hone a new skill. (This seems like the perfect opportunity to potty train Ever… finally!) Better yet, sign up for Master Class and learn something new yourself.

18. Get Organized. Organize that stack of papers in your office. Create a system for all of your receipts, tax documents, important papers and more. There’s never been a better time to be meticulous.

19. Change for the Seasons. Begin to transition your closet from winter to spring. Research small organizations you can support with any donations.

20. Get Outside. Work in the yard or your neighborhood park. After all, sunlight is immune system boosting.

21. Plan a meaningful gallery wall. The best gallery walls are typically tediously planned, measured and taped off, so if you’ve got time on your hands…

22. Take stock of your meds. Go through your medicine cabinet and toss any expired medicines or unused prescriptions. Make note of what you need more of.

23. Match socks. It has to be done. Might as well be done now.

24. Bring Spring Break home. Having to cancel travel plans? These Lily Huckleberry books bring spring break to you.

(image via MrCheyl)

25. Catch up with friends digitally. Ask questions. Follow up on recent life events. Send each other videos.

26. Check out Bravery Mag! Restless kiddos? Bravery has a lot of fun printables and activities with a powerful message for littles.

More ideas? Leave them in the comments!

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