2018 Gift Guides || The Best Things on The Planet Under $30

Happy Friday, friends! I hope this post finds you full to the brim not just with good food, but with the joy and contentment that comes from spending time with friends and family and the excitement of this most magical time of the year. This is the fifth in our 2018 series of gift guides and proof that a great gift doesn’t have to be a huge expenditure. It might sound trite to say that it’s the thought that counts but truly my favorite gifts are always the ones that I can tell were meant just for me. So without further ado, here’s who we think would enjoy these special gift ideas, all under $30…

One.  This book by Jessica Honegger is for your friend with the big ideas who’s never quite sure where to start…

Two. This pencil set is for your friend who might sit at a desk by day, but has a bustling creative business that she runs in the evening and weekend hours.

Three. For your hard working mama friend that deserves a little self-care in the way of a dry brush.

Four. For your friend with the most thoughtful jewelry collection, this gold jewelry box.

Five. These hunter green earbuds for your friend that never misses a beat… or a gym sesh.

Six. One of my favorite products from one of my favorite skincare lines, this Seaweed Bath Co. Bath Powder is for basically everyone.

Seven. For your friend that loves to laugh, this book is sure to do the trick!

Eight. For your friend who never forgets her serum or face mask, the ultimate jade roller.

Nine. For your earthy-mama-plant-lady friend who is too busy to keep the real ones alive, this faux succulent.

Ten. For your friend who always appreciate an eccentric find be it a Goodwill crop top or a Cheetah figurine with retro vibes.

Eleven. At 18″ tall, this faux cactus is a true gem sooooooo maybe this one is just for you… or a friend you really, really like!

Twelve. This cult-following Glossier product is for your friend who enjoys taking good care of her skin… and it shows!

Thirteen. These Hedley and Bennett x Parachute napkins are for your friend who loves hosting and great textiles.

Fourteen. For your friend that loves the winter, but hates dulls winter skin this Sea Salt Body Scrub is sure to please.

Fifteen. Speaking of winter skin, this blush is the antidote to all things dull and a perfect pick me up for your beauty guru friend.

Sixteen. Your friend that knows her way around the kitchen, will appreciate these acacia wood and gold measuring cups.

Seventeen. For your kitschy friend who enjoys all things George Lucas, we present the Darth Vader ice cube molds.

Eighteen. I actually just added this to my own cart. It’s only the best lip conditioner on the planet so you would be hard pressed to find a friend that wouldn’t appreciate this one!

Nineteen. This limited-edition haircare set is for your friend that loves following celebrity hair stylist on Instagram or just getting a good blowout.

Twenty. For your friend that you adore, this sweet smelling gift never goes unappreciated.

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