2018 Gift Guides || For the Kid That Has Your Heart

Tomorrow we are packing up the kids and catching a plane to Colorado for Thanksgiving with my family in the mountains. It will be Parker’s first time skiing– watch out ski school– and there’s snow in the forecast on Thursday, so we are keeping our fingers crossed! In the meantime, if you’re looking to knock out your shopping for the littles on your list, I’ve rounded up some of my favorites. At least half of these the girls are probably getting this year. (This is our fourth installment of gift guides this year. You can see all of them here and past trips we’ve taken with the girls here!)

  1. These Alice and Ames dresses are the best ‘twirl dresses’ according to Parker. Which is all that matters to her in a dress.
  2. An alpaca floor pillow that’s shaped like a daisy?! Yes, please!
  3. Don’t tell the girls, but I have a feeling they might be getting this bounce house come Christmas! They’ve jumped in them at other people’s houses and they’re perfectly sized for your backyard and just a couple of kids.
  4. I die for these boots! Like would seriously consider them if they came in my size. #TexasForever
  5. Might as well teach them young, right? Hoping Ever really takes to this set
  6. Both of our girls (1.5 + 4.5) love these Magnatiles. It’s amazing how long they play together with them. We’ve got a tiny little set now because they’re certainly not cheap, but they love them so much that we’ll probably add to their collection this Christmas.
  7. Are you dying over this car yet!? OMG! I feel like this is a total grandparent buy. I also like that they have to pedal the car themselves.
  8. This smoothie set is like Goop meets Montessori learning and I’m allllll about it. If only there was a wooden moon dust for sprinkling.
  9. Parker is super into puzzles right now which feels like a whole new era of parenting. (And you probably can already guess that Aaron and I are the nerdy parents who will be all about it!
  10. The Hey Gang was probably my favorite brand launch of all of 2018! The pieces are really unique to childrenswear and even better in person. There are so many thoughtful details and everything is so durable, too. Plus, they’re all made in the USA, most of them right here in Texas.
  11. Parker loves taking pictures. She currently has this camera but I recently stumbled upon this one which is so cute and actually prints the photos polaroid style.
  12. The girls have been loving playing outside together recently (now that it’s not 100 degrees), so I’ve been trying to think of good outdoor ideas. This basketball hoop is a classic and I also really love this climbing net.
  13. Mine aren’t quite old enough for this pedal go kart but I would imagine in a year or two Parker would think it was super cool. (Again with the pedals, though. No free rides are here!)
  14. What can I say? I love soccer mom life!
  15. Hours of fun for $10. It seriously doesn’t get better than this.
  16. A mystery rescue pet? This sounds like Parker’s dream.
  17. Ever is super into cars right now and I feel like it doesn’t get cuter than this one.
  18. This doll house won me over with how big and open it is. It’s something I feel like they could eventually play with together.
  19. We bought Parker this kitchen when she turned two and it’s seriously the gift that keeps on giving! This one is super cute and so are this one and this one.
  20. I’m always a sucker for a cortez, but a mini one?!
  21. Walkie talkies with flashlights? I’m pretty sure I would have loved these as a kid!

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