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Whether it’s a room you rent, an apartment in the city, or your dream abode, home is everything. It’s a sanctuary amid life’s storms and a place to entertain and enjoy the ones you love most. The best homes are the ones that are layered over time– a platter here, a dish there, and new piece of art for the win– which is why home decor is among my favorite type of gift to give and receive! There are always shelves that need styling, tabletops that need a little something extra, and bedside table just begging for a special bowl! Here’s why we love the above for giving and receiving this year:

  1. When we first moved into Our Austin Casa, we were almost starting from scratch in terms of decor. We sold almost everything when we left LA. I was thrilled when I discovered pieces like this one that are affordable and also made a big impact.
  2. Quite possibly the most chic coffee maker on the market and one you wouldn’t mind taking up space on the counter.
  3. We have three diffusers in our home now– one in the kitchen, one in the downstairs bathroom, and one upstairs. I start almost every day by filling them each up with essential oils and fresh water and then reap the beautiful scent (and hopefully some health benefits, too) all day long. This one caught my eye.
  4. I’ve found pieces like this to be so incredibly versatile! You can put it on a nightstand to gather some trinkets together– phone, jewelry, pen, etc to keep that space from looking cluttered. You can also pair it on a shelf or countertop and style it with a small vase and other objects. This one is actually food and dishwasher safe so it will also be a show stopping platter at a dinner party.
  5. More than anything else, these Goop bath salts are my favorite bath accoutrement.
  6. She had me with this book at Hoisin-glazed pork and turkey meatloaf.
  7. A true artisan piece, these ethically sourced horn bowls from August Sage are a one of a kind gift fit for anyone on your list.
  8. This feels like a piece that would work in a lot of different spaces and is a really good price for something this large.
  9. Loving this collection! This piece would make a great hostess gift!
  10. The most popular of the Le Labo scents is now a home fragrance… and I don’t know anyone who wouldn’t want their place smelling like the sweet and leathery scent.
  11. I adore this delicate glass shadow box. You could use it in so many different spaces for so many different pieces!
  12. We used these sweet Serena & Lily stools in Parker’s nursery when she was a baby and now there’s one in our downstairs guest bath and one in the girls’ bathroom as well. They’re super versatile and pretty great price point for a small furniture piece from a great brand.
  13. The watering can that every plant lady needs!
  14. This lightweight Alpaca throw from August Sage is exactly what your bestie wants to be curling up with this winter. Cue the fire and the good book!
  15. Speaking of cozy comfort, this stoneware number from Staub is one you can cook up yummy recipes in for years and years to come.
  16. I have this Parachute tablecloth in the darker color (you can see here!) and use it soooo often. I really want it in this lighter shade now.  Nothing says invite me over for dinner please like a tablecloth!
  17. Can knives be chic? I think these ones settle it.
  18. This is one of my favorite things in our master bath. It’s equal parts useful and stylish which can hard to find in a gift!
  19. Denise is one of my favorite LA photographers. Her happy, sunny prints are a total reflection of her happy, sunny personality. We have this print in Parker’s room.
  20. There’s no shortage of places where a plant can go, but one you don’t have to worry about when you’re on vacation? The best!
  21. These carafes are my new favorite. We used them on our fall brunch table, again for our Friendsgiving post that will be live on Monday, and at least once a week at home.

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  1. A bath caddy is a must on my gifts for self list­č嬭čĆ┐

    • Jen Pinkston


      Yes, same! I wish I was handy enough to make one. Hmmm… sounds like a challenge I might need to take on!

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