16 Ways To Wear A Turtleneck


Last weekend I was able to speak to a group of super inspiring women at Noonday Collection’s annual Shine conference in Austin.  At the end there was a short Q & A when one girl asked about not being as stylish as some of the other girls and how to handle that in her business.  I think there is a total misconception that there is stylish and unstylish.  I think what I was hearing her describe was that the people she was comparing herself to were a lot more dressed up and polished and that she herself preferred a more casual style.  Don’t sell yourself short!  Whether you’re a jeans and tee shirt girl or you like to wear dresses and heels 24/7, both are perfectly acceptable AND stylish!  You just have to figure out what makes you the happiest and feel the most confident.  Wanting to dabble in the great wide world of turtlenecks?  Here are 16 ways that I love– plenty of choices no matter what your personal style may be!

1. Love this chunky camel knit version with black cigarette jeans and ankle strap pumps.  The raybans give it an added sixties vibe which I’m definitely on board with. (via Vogue)


2. A black turtleneck and black opaque tights are a great way to take some of your pieces from spring into fall and winter.  The patent pointed loafers give this preppy look a little edge. (via Damsel in Dior)


3. Seventies vibes!!!  This look can kind of go anywhere.  If you pick her up out of that beautiful Italian cityscape and set her down in rural Kansas it works.  If you set her on Prince Street in Soho?  Still works.  (via Madewell)


4. Love this look for casual weekend errand running or for a really practical yet chic travel outfit.  Notice how the oversized nature of the turtleneck is juxtaposed with the more fitted cropped jeans. (via Glamour Paris)


5. This is how you do turtlenecks for the office without looking frumpy.  Her crisp white shirt is just barely peeking out the top and her monochromatic palette is so my speed. (via Daria Daria)


6. Use a winter white turtleneck like this one to juxtapose a funky coat.  Two thumbs way up for white jeans in the winter. (via Garance Dore)


7. How angelenos do turtlenecks–sleeveless. (via Song of Style)


8. Love this little mini turtleneck paired with distressed boyfriend jeans and rock and roll boots.  Classic and edgy at the same time.  (via Could I Have That)


9. With all of the stripes hanging in my closet, it’s a wonder there are no striped turtlenecks.  I love the way she layered this under a sweatshirt. Effortless chic! (via Stylecaster)


10.  If you’re bigger busted and wanting to wear a turtleneck, showing off your waist like Alex is here is a great way to make sure you don’t get lost in your knitwear.  Another way would be to go with a thinner knit that’s more form fitting. (via Alex’s Closet)


11. It’s all about balance right?  That’s why this totally shapeless, oversized turtleneck looks très chic with the skinnier than skinny pants and high-heeled boots. (via Camille Over the Rainbow)


12. This oversized turtleneck is so yummy!  It’s perfect for spring with this little black skirt (which is the new little black dress) and gets major cool points with the vintage levi’s jacket. (via Fashion Me Now)


13. Legs for days?  This is a great way to show them off!  The shorter hemline of the skirt keeps the slouchy knit from making the whole look appear frumpy. (via Harpers Bazaar)


14. Hey cool girl!  Digging those stacked chelsea boots. (via Garance Dore)


15. This color is beyond chic. Love how she paired it with a menswear blazer.  (via Who What Wear)


16.  Knits on knits layered for an easy, relaxed look?  Sign me up! (via Song of Style)


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