15 Intentions for 2015


I spent the weekend working up in San Francisco and flew in this morning as early as humanly possible to see my little family that I missed like crazy these last 48 hours.  I’ve decided that the definition of love is intentionally booking the 6am flight rather than the 12pm flight which allows you to sleep in for the first time in nearly a year, order room service to enjoy in bed while looking out your window at the view of the bay bridge and ferry building.  Who would want to do that?  Anyways, happy new year!  It seemed only right to start this first post of a fresh year with a few intentions.  (15 to be exact because, you know, symmetry.)

1. Learn new things.

On New Year’s Day we spent the afternoon making Korean dumplings with my friend Sueann and her family.  It really sparked an interest to learn to do other new things like make homemade pasta, learn calligraphy, expand my knowledge of html and the list goes on.

2. Make choices.

It’s so easy to just take what comes your way and go with the flow, but this year I would rather make decisions and forge my own path based on what I choose.

3. Make choices based on the long-term outcome.

I’m trying to be better about making choices that will have the best long-term outcome.  Saving money!  Making wise investments!


4. Go some place.

Besides trips to Austin and Palm Springs, we’ve been staying local (except for work) since Parker was born.  This summer I’m excited to go some place new.  Any suggestions?

5. Cook at home.

I always feel better after a home-cooked meal than a big restaurant one.  Plus I have more control over the ingredients we are eating and have the opportunity to learn a new skill.  First up, homemade raviolis!

6. No more guilt.

I’m determined to not feel guilty when I choose Parker over work or vice versa. Parker is obviously my priority, but they both have their place in my life and feeling guilty over spending time on one or the other isn’t going to get us anywhere.


7. Invest in our neighborhood.

LA can be such an intimidating city with all of it’s freeways and traffic.  I’m determined to choose local spots and build our relationships with our friends that are nearby this year and spend less time in the car.

8. Throw the best first birthday party ever.

I mean… I’m just so excited about Parker’s first birthday party and it’s still three months away!  I’m much less excited that my baby will be turning one in three months, however.

9. Keep up with the news.

Sometimes my knowledge of current events leaves much to be desired.  I’m determined to change that this year!


10. Paint.

We need a giant piece of art in our living room and since I have yet to find the perfect piece these last three years, I’ve decided to pick up a brush myself and create it.  Fingers crossed!

11. Go on day dates.

I want to make monthly day dates a part of 2015– time to go hiking or exploring just the two of us and catch up on life without yawning at the dinner table.

12. Explore new places in LA.

LA has so many hidden gems.  In my almost nine years hear, I’ve barely scratched the surface!  What are your favorite places in the city?


13. Declutter.

Less stuff.  More space.  Always organized.  That’s the goal.

14. Create special moments.

When I look back on this last year, there are so many moments that are so incredibly special.  Our trip to Big Sur before Parker was born, Parker’s birth, all of our ‘firsts’ with her, taking her to swim lessons, watching her at her first music class, etc.  I want to make even more special moments in 2015.

15. Be spontaneous.

Nothing puts you in a routine like having a baby, but this year I want to be more spontaneous.  Weekend trip to Santa Barbara? Yes, please! Afternoon at the beach? Let’s do it!

What are your goals / resolutions / intentions for 2015?

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  3. Wow Jen….this post is my life and as far as my goals for 2015 I think you and I are on the same page and may I add to worship and stay in fellowship with the true and living God more and continuously…..great post xx

  4. I took my 3 daughters to Rosemary Beach in Florida two springs ago. It was heaven!

  5. Candice


    Your intentions are well thought out , I want that to be one of my years intentions/ or new years resolution.I want to be a person who puts a lot of thought into what I do.

    Thanks for sharing

  6. Great post – its inspired me to do one!

    Brunette in Louboutins

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