12 Cool Things My Friends are Doing Now

While I’m not one to typically disagree with a Beatle, I think we do more than just get by with a little help from our friends. Indeed we thrive with a little help from our friends. I have been endlessly inspired by the careers, work, and creativity of friends past and present and love this little series as a way to pop in and share about them in hopes that they’ll inspire you, too. Do you recognize the locale in the above framed photo? It’s Barton Springs, the iconic swimming hole here in my home town of Austin. When I saw it first pop-up in Max Wanger’s Instagram feed I felt all the feelings, but mostly nostalgia for this place that feels like home and awestruck for the way Max captures a place in his own inimitable way.

I know Max through mutual LA friends and an Ergobaby job that we worked on together when I was still styling. Our first kids were born within about six months of each other and we both share a mutual love of Joan’s on Third. You can check out all four of his Barton Springs prints here in his print shop.

Ashley from Sugar and Cloth launched her mommy and me swim collection with Olivia & Ocean and it’s sooooo cute! I want that red and pink combo suit for me and those adorable rash guards for the girls!

I saw my friend Haylie this week for coffee and she walked in wearing this jumpsuit from her line, Chapter Goods. It is so cute and each strap has discreet little snaps to make it ideal for breastfeeding, but honestly I’m probably going to order one for myself because it’s so cute.

Anybody else’s kid always wake up sweaty from a nap? I picked up Ever out of her crib the other day and for a brief moment couldn’t figure out why she smelled so delicious like a cupcake and then I remembered– Studio DIY for Tubby Todd!

My friend, Margaret Williams, is at the helm of Tribeza. Each issue that their team puts out is better than the last and full of so many interesting profiles, thoughtful pieces and insightful tidbits. You can find their August issue (featuring yours truly!) here!

Caitlin Flemming has long been one of my favorite interior designers on the internet. When all things start to feel homogenous, you can count on Caitlin to bring a fresh perspective which I have no doubt is what she will do through her new book, Travel Home. Pre-order now!

Just when I thought I couldn’t love my friend Eden’s site more, she went and gave Sugar and Charm an update that makes it easier than ever to find your new favorite dinner, dessert, or cocktail recipe!

Have you seen June and January’s new backpack? It’s adorable! Ever has the mini and is obsessed! They’re also doing a giveback– for every backpack ordered, they’re giving a backpack to a deserving student at a nearby school here in Austin.

Are you familiar with Lou? Their white ankle boots are at the very tippy top of my fall list. Aren’t they incredible?!

In the market for a new rug? Sarah Sherman Samuel’s line for Lulu & Georgia is exactly as gorgeous as you would imagine and available NOW!

Speaking of amazing home decor, these new hook pillows from Oh Joy! are so beautiful! Perfect for a bright and colorful space, but also for punching up a neutral spot with a little burst of color!

One of my favorite kid’s lines, Hey Gang, turned one last week! I can’t believe it’s only been a year to be honest. It feels like there has never been a time when this thoughtful and cool collection didn’t exist.

Have your friends done anything cool recently? Drop a note in the comments so we can check it out!

Photography by Katie Jameson

  1. Elizabeth


    Hi! Bookmarked the Barton Springs print immediately.

    Would you mind sharing who makes/ where to find your dress? Thank you!

    • Jen Pinkston


      It’s from Need Supply, but it’s two years old :/

  2. That print is so gorgeous for summer months! I love the dark floral dress you’re wearing!


  3. Alison


    Wow- talented friends! The photograph looks great against the dark wall. Your dress is lovely! Would you share source?

    • Jen Pinkston


      It’s from Need Supply… it’s two years old though :/ They do get really similar ones from time to time!

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