10 Ways to Wear Loungewear Every Day

Over the Christmas break, Aaron and I had to run to the bank one morning on our way home from the gym to wire some money. We do almost everything online, so I actually can’t even remember the last time I found myself waiting in the lobby of a bank, but here I was, nonetheless, in the bank of a lobby dressed in my workout wear and being looked up and down by this oh-so-chic woman who was easily in her seventies. She wore wide leg cream wool pants with a coordinating turtleneck and a camel coat lined around the collar in the perfect amount of what was most definitely real fur. Lipstick applied perfectly and not a hair out of place. I wanted to tell her that I totally got it. I do. There is something so wonderfully nostalgic about this bygone era when getting dressed in the morning meant something entirely different and no one dared wear their loungewear out of the house. I wish that every day I got dressed and groomed impeccably, but I have to wonder if that old way of living and dressing no longer makes sense for our generation of women who already wear so many hats like mom, business owner, or bread winner? More often than not my days are a mash up of preschool transport, photo shoot prep, writing at my computer and trying to squeeze in a workout at some point before afternoon preschool transport starts all over again at 3:30.  And guess what? I believe that when done right, loungewear can be chic, too. See below for 10 ways to wear loungewear out of the house that won’t make your grandmother cringe. (Spoiler alert: One thing almost all of these looks have in common is that the pants are cropped.  A nice clean hemline and a little ankle skin goes a long way.)

1. With baggy cropped trousers and your favorite white sneakers via The Rue Collective

2. Cropped track pants and a beanie via Just The Design

3. Skinny and cropped with your favorite leather jacket via Sincerely Jules

4. With an oversized cardigan and scarf via Noholita

5. With high tops and an embellished sweatshirt via Anthropologie

6. With an oversized sweater and cashmere coat via Could I Have That?

7. With an oversized turtleneck and cozy socks via Un-fancy

8. Drapey layers via Style Du Monde

9. With a cami and leather jacket via Fashion Clue

10. With heels and a blazer via Kendi Everyday

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  2. Caleigh


    These all look so comfy! To be comfy & yet look pulled together is so awesome. Of course I say that while I’m wearing track pants & a t-shirt that says ‘ok, but first coffee’ with no plans to leave the house lol.

  3. Candice DePrang Boehm


    Love those gray menswear pants rolled up in several of the photos – I’d be lying if this didn’t happen to me, too, over the break! Ran to the car wash and stopped in a chocolaterie to get a gift and the owner was there – meanwhile, I’m in velvet joggers with slippers and my husband’s camping jacket. that’s all you need to take some clues from this post!!

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