10 Ways To Wear Summer Layers


Here in LA, we’ve had our fair share of hot and steamy days already this year, but lately we’ve been greeted with chilly mornings and cloudy gray skies most days.  I’m not complaining!  A lot of mornings Parker and I bundle up in our layers and spend the morning playing in the yard while I enjoy a second cup of coffee before our day really gets going.  It’s had me very glad that I added a few layers to my summer capsule wardrobe (and had me wishing there were perhaps a few more!).  Today we’re debunking the myth that layers are only for the winter and showing you 10 of our favorite ways to stay warm and stylish during these swinging May days!

1. A short sleeved sweater (like this one) over a sheer silk top via Hello Fashion Blog

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2. A military jacket(like this one) paired with a striped tee and overalls via Atlantic-Pacific


3.  A slouchy sweater (like this one) with a simple camisole and tailored jeans via First Rite Clothing


4. A cropped jacket (like this one) over  a romper via Could I Have That


5. A pastel trench coat (like this one) via Margo and Me


6. A leather jacket (like this one) with a feminine dress via Say Yes


7. A short-sleeved trench (like this one) over your favorite look via Le Fashion Blog


8. A white leather jacket (like this one) over a white dress via Kelly Golightly


9. A trench coat (like this one) with jean shorts and a striped tee via Sincerely Jules


10. A lightweight cropped sweater (like this one) via Devon Rachel

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    I like #1, with a sheer top under a short sleeve sweater.

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