10 Ways to Wear a Leather Jacket This Fall

This weekend was the first weekend in the last six months that I’ve walked or biked to social outings, in the middle of the day, without needing an immediate shower… It’s FINALLY jacket time in Austin! Texas weather tends to jump from 95 degrees to high 40s at a moment’s notice this time of year, leaving those of us who don’t check our weather app the second we wake to pull our sweaters out of storage in a frenzy before leaving the house for work. It gets confusing when it creeps back into the high 80s a day later, but we’ll take what we can get! I will use any excuse to round out my look with fun outerwear. The cold weather piece I’m most excited to wear this season is the oh so famous leather jacket. The time has arrived to embrace my inner biker girl! 

But don’t worry… if you’re not into the greaser look, there is still a leather jacket for you this season. Some of my favorite leather jacket trends of the year range from the fringed cowgirl coat to the 90s leather blazer. I never thought wearing a leather jacket to work could be a conservative look, but this fall has changed my outlook on this staple entirely. The versatility that has emerged in this previously assumed establishment of a clothing item proves that change is possible. No longer will a leather jacket define one type of person. The floodgates of fashion have opened and invited everyone to join the leather jacket party! 

  1. Classic Moto

via Popsugar

2. High Gloss

via Refinery29

3. Fringe

via The Independent

4. Head-to-Toe

via Refinery29

5. 90’s Blazer

via Hypebae

6. Shearling

via The Simply Luxurious Life

7. Color Pop

via The Zoe Report

8. Buttoned Up

via Vogue

9. Tied Waist

via Editorialist

10. The Mini Dress

via Harper’s Bazaar

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